Global Marketing on the River

Cindy Zimmerman

Agrotain Grand Opening“Rolling on the River” was the theme of the grand opening event this week in St. Louis of AGROTAIN International/Lange-Stegmann’s new stabilized nitrogen production facility and urea storage center. To drive that home, they even had a Tina Turner look-alike to kick off the celebration, which also featured a riverboat themed luncheon.

Jeff WhetstineThis company is most definitely on a roll that has a global focus and the river is their highway to the world. Vice President of Global Marketing Jeff Whetstine says they are selling AGROTAIN technology in 68 different countries. “We started here in the United States, expanded to South America and now we’re going around the world,” Jeff says. “It was a regional fertilizer company up until the year 2000 when Lange-Stegmann purchased the AGROTAIN technology and started AGROTAIN International, their subsidiary.”

Jeff says they anticipate rapid growth with the expansion. “Frankly, we’ve had trouble keeping up with the demand for our product and that’s why this stabilized nitrogen center is so important,” he said. “And the Urea Center will help us with the efficiency of bringing urea from around the world to the farmers in the heartland of America and into Canada.”

And that is why the location on the Mississippi River is so strategic for the company. “It’s been a very fortunate thing that we’ve had this location and we are exploiting the advantages of it,” Jeff concluded.

Listen to an interview with Jeff here: agro-jeff.mp3

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