Bull Fighter Rory Meeks

Chuck Zimmerman

Rory Meeks - Rodeo Clown & Bull FighterIt takes a lot of guts or something else to be a good Bull Fighter or Rodeo Clown.

A rodeo clown or bull fighter is a rodeo performer who works on bull riding contests. His primary job is to protect the rider from the bull after he dismounts or is bucked off, by distracting the bull and providing alternative targets for the bull to chase.

Rory Meeks here has a lot of whatever that is and we’ll get to see him help out some bull riders here at the Three Hills Rodeo tonight.

Rory says he played high school in college and that getting run over by a bull isn’t much different than getting run over by a big linebacker. You can learn more about Rory and what he does for a living in my interview with him.

Here’s my interview with Rory Meeks:

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