Horse Whisperer


Kelcy Schroder For the most part, I’m pretty familiar with cattle but horses I don’t know so much about. I have had a few in my life time, broke my arm on one, so I’ve never had great experiences with them.

Cattle Chutes At the Farm Progress Show, the gentleman by the name of Craig Cameron was here demonstrating how to break a horse.

Amazing enough, I thought I would never see somebody break a horse in an hour! A random, wild horse was put into this round pen and Craig was suck with it by himself. He sure had a crowd around him too which probably didn’t help the horse matter out any. Craig never let the crowd, the horse, or anything get to him while he vigorously worked with the horse.

Craig did have some great key points to help horse trainers out: first of all, never get mad at the horse because they are only doing what they think they should be doing. Most of the time, they develop habits because of human behavior. The horses need to learn, so there has to be patience from the trainer and always wait for the horse. Take steps one at a time and if the horse has problems with something, stop and go back to it later.

I think the most important part of the demonstration that he pointed out is that you need to make your horses turn. Turn, Turn, Turn! Their heads lead where they go and if you can get control of their head, you have control of their body.

Craig did a great job of answering questions throughout the demonstration and make sure everybody had an understanding of what he was doing. Needless to say, he had the horse trained enough in one hour that he could ride it and wow was the crowds amazed at his wonderful work!

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