DTN Gets Weather Customers

Chuck Zimmerman

DTN MeteorlogixIt must be nice to pick up 20,000 customers just like that. That’s what DTN Meteorlogix just did by obtaining the customers of Surface Systems, Inc.

DTN, the world leader in weather forecasting, display and decision support technology, today (July 11) announced the acquisition of Surface Systems, Incorporated (SSI) weather forecasting customers. DTN will integrate SSI’s weather forecasting customers into its weather business, Meteorlogix. Additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed. DTN will provide services to existing SSI weather forecasting customers, making available DTN’s state-of-the-art weather and pavement forecasting systems, innovative satellite, online and mobile weather display systems and patented weather-monitoring alerting technology. SSI, a division Quixote Corporation, will retain the manufacturing, sale and maintenance of weather and pavement hardware sensor technology.

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