Produce Your Own Radio Show – GM Is

Chuck Zimmerman

If you still wonder if blogging and podcasting is something that has business applications then you ought to see what General Motors is doing. Although they have more than one blog, start with GM Fastlane.

There are still agrimarketing professionals who wonder what a blog is. I think the name itself kind of throws people off. At the NAMA convention I gave many short lessons in Blogging 101. I always start by saying that it’s a special website format that has significant applications for business and of course that means agribusiness.

On the GM Fastlane Blog you’ll not only read what GM executives have to say but you can hear them too! That’s because they’re podcasting. If you still wonder what podcasting is just click on the links in our sidebar. I’ve got links to many resources that’ll let you learn more. Or you can sift through our categorized archives on podcasting. You can hear the latest GM podcast about the 2006 Chevrolet HHR here: GM Podcast.

GM is doing regular audio programs with their own executives talking about their products. I can’t imagine a more personal insight into the company and what goes into their thinking. I think this provides the consumer with a whole new way to evaluate GM when it comes time to make purchases.

Imagine what it would do for an organization that’s battling public misinformation, especially from hostile competitors or even foreign competition. The web is worldwide don’t you know.

Here at AgriMarketing Pros we’ve received feedback from people in China, Italy and Germany so far.

Blogging and podcasting doesn’t require the type of huge resources that traditional web applications require but I would recommend you consult with agrimarketing professionals who know how it works and can make recommendations for your individual circumstances. I know of one if you’re interested!

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