In The Commodity Classic Newsroom

Chuck Zimmerman

Hi from Austin.

I made it and am in the convention center newsroom. Sitting here among a bunch of reporters like Jeff Nalley, from Kentucky (Cromwell Ag Media) and Michelle Rook from South Dakota(WNAX), Sara Wyant from Illinois, (Agripulse) and others.

C5 internet connection jacks are at a premium here. Commodity Classic needs to double the connections or arrange for wi-fi for the press!

I’m hoping to interview leaders from NCGA and ASA and post those for you to listen to in a few minutes.

Later this afternon the trade show opens to the media only and I’ve got interviews scheduled with John Deere for a Talking News Release project tomorrow! I’ll post it here as well as sending out to the reporters in the areas they want me to.

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