AMVAC Introduces New Products

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AMVAC introduced three new products for the corn and soybean market at the 2018 Commodity Classic in Anaheim.

Index Liquid At-Plant Insecticide offers two modes of action to control all species of rootworm and a broad spectrum of seed attacking pests. Traits no longer offer full protection for growers, according to Jim Lappin, AMVAC crop marketing director for corn and soybeans.

“Traits aren’t targeted at seed attacking pests. Seed treatments aren’t targeting at rootworm,” explained Lappin. “So, by using a dual mode of action product like Index, you can supplement the control of both your rootworm and your seed attacking pest. In fact, our data has shown when you use a supplemental insecticide for rootworm control, you’re getting an added yield bump and the reason we’re seeing that is a lot of growers have gone to these refuge in a bag hybrids, so you’re leaving five to 10 percent of your plants unprotected out there that don’t have those traits. The other issue we have is all four of the commercial Bt traits for rootworm now have demonstrated field resistance somewhere.”

Lappin said a broader level of protection will ultimately result with higher yields. Other new products from AMVAC include ImpactZ herbicide – a premix of Impact plus atrazine – and Acropolis fungicide, which offers two modes of action to fight frog eye leaf spot and white mold, as well as a broad range of other diseases. All three products are available for the 2018 growing season.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Jim here: Interview with Jim Lappin, AMVAC

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Lucky Alltech KEENAN Great Green Getaway Winners

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For three U.S. dairy producers, the luck of the Irish was on their side when their names were selected in a live, random drawing at the 2017 World Dairy Expo for the Alltech KEENAN Great Green Getaway.

Hank and Joanne Greisen of Wisconsin; Mary and Mike Van Rossum of Wisconsin, and Ashley Ervin and her sisters have all been enjoying the journey of a lifetime this week in the Emerald Isle, including a tour of the KEENAN production facility in Borris, County Carlow, Ireland, a guided VIP experience at the new Pearse Lyons Distillery, and visits to a number of high-performance Irish dairy farms. The grande finale will be St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin City Centre.

Jamie Johansen has been with the group all week and gotten to know them and their unique stories. Listen to her interviews with the winners below.

Great Green Getaway winner Ashley Ervin, Tennessee

Great Green Getaway winners Hans & Joanne Griesen, Wisconsin

Great Green Getaway winners Micheal & Mary Van Rossum, Wisconsin

2018 Great Green Getaway Photo Album

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Talking Agricultural Marketing to UF Students

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Florida NAMA, the Florida chapter of the National Agri-Marketing Association, is working to generate interest in reviving the student chapter (Gator NAMA) at the University of Florida. Our first idea this year was to offer a panel of professional members to talk to students at the College of Agriculture. We appreciate the assistance from Spiro E. Stefanou, Professor and Chair of Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida, to put together a location and promoting the session to students.

I broadcast our panel live on the Florid NAMA Facebook page if you’re interested in seeing how the discussion went. The panelists included: Juan David Castro-Anzola, Prudential Agricultural Investments, Marshal Sewell, Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Eloise Seaman, Farm Journal Media and I moderated. Some of the key topics/questions related to new technology and its impact on agricultural marketing today as well as what students need to do to become ready for a full time career job.

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XCELIS™ is DuPont’s Fuel Ethanol Platform

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DuPont gave its new XCELIS™ fuel ethanol platform a colorful debut at the National Ethanol Conference last month in San Antonio, with a rainbow of pastel colored arches along the walkway to the meeting area.

“XCELIS is really the way we’re approaching the fuel alcohol market globally now as DuPont,” says Judy Underwood, DuPont Global Marketing Lead. “It’s a new approach pulling together all of the tools and technologies that we have access to and bringing them to this market.”

XCELIS is a partner-based approach tailored to each customer’s unique needs and Underwood says they unveiled XCELIS at the NEC because they know a lot of producers attend that event. “A lot of folks are invested and involved in the RFA,” she said.

Learn more about XCELIS in this interview. Interview with Judy Underwood, DuPont XCELIS

2018 National Ethanol Conference Photo Album

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2018 Commodity Classic Grows Beyond to Another Record

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More than 8,000 farmers, agriculture leaders and ag advocates converged on the Anaheim Convention Center to “GROW BEYOND!” at the 2018 Commodity Classic which took place Feb. 27 thorough March 1.

Included in the preliminary number of 8,055 registered in Anaheim were a record number of non-exhibitor first-time attendees (1,533) and more than 150 media representatives. A total of 3,646 farmers from across the nation and several foreign countries were on hand to take part in a robust slate of educational sessions, tour the large trade show and hear from a wide range of experts and thought-leaders in agriculture. Attendance numbers are preliminary and subject to a final audit.

ICYMI – or you just want to relive it – we have lots of resources for you! Check out the virtual newsrooms below for photos, audio and video from Classic18.

2018 Commodity Classic newsroom
2018 Bayer AgVocacy Forum & Commodity Classic
FMC at 2018 Commodity Classic
John Deere at 2018 Commodity Classic
AMVAC at 2018 Commodity Classic
Farm Credit at 2018 Commodity Classic

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Zimfo Bytes 3/16

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  • This spring, wine enthusiasts visiting Hermann, Miss., will have the unique opportunity to meet the farmers behind their food and wine. Celebrating the best of what Missouri has to offer, Missouri CommonGround and the Hermann Wine Trail announce The Farmers’ Table Wine Trail, a new addition to the wine trail lineup in 2018.
  • The American Farm Bureau Federation has presented Rep. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) with AFBF’s Golden Plow award. The American Farm Bureau Federation and Ohio Farm Bureau have presented Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) with AFBF’s Golden Plow award. The Golden Plow is the highest honor the organization gives to sitting members of Congress.The Golden Plow is the highest honor the organization gives to sitting members of Congress.
  • The World Food Prize Foundation is now accepting nominations for its renowned award that recognizes the accomplishments of individuals who have advanced human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world. Nominations of worthy candidates are invited from public and private organizations, academic institutions, governmental organizations, and businesses. Nominations will be accepted through May 1, 2018.
  • The American Society of Agricultural Consultants are bringing a webinar to ASAC members and others regarding tax law reform and how it impacts ag producers, agribusinesses and cooperatives. ASAC members are encouraged to invite customers into their audiences to watch this webinar at no cost. Non-members (anyone in agriculture) may also attend for a $29 fee. Registration is required. Visit to register.
  • U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced the U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing $276 million in rural electric infrastructure to improve system efficiency and reliability. USDA’s $276 million investment will build nearly 1,000 miles of line and improve 733 miles of line to meet current and future needs of rural businesses and residents. It will also support $65 million in smart grid technologies to help rural electric utilities reduce outages and integrate new systems.
  • Iowa Corn Director of Grower Services Don Mason has retired after serving in this role for the last 17 years. Previously, Mason served on the Iowa Corn Growers Association Board of Directors beginning in 1997 and then transitioned to a staff position in May 2001.
  • The Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City honored two of the region’s leading agricultural figures on May 15 at a luncheon in the Chamber Board Room in Kansas City’s historic Union Station. Receiving recognition were Lowell Mohler, former director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, and Dr. Ken Odde of Kansas State University.
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Farm Credit: ‘Know Your Input Costs’

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The March 15 deadline for crop insurance renewals means producers need to have a good idea of their inputs costs going into the coming growing season in order to compare that number to what can be guaranteed by their current crop insurance plan.

“One of the biggest things is knowing that guarantee, and we can give them that right now, and then utilizing that guarantee throughout the growing season,” said Chris Coffey, regional vice president for crop insurance with Farm Credit Mid-America.

Coffey said knowing that input cost and its relationship to the crop insurance guarantee can impact a producer’s decisions all season long, from understanding if the level of insurance needs to increase to making marketing choices. Coffey said his outlook for 2018 is positive, although he cautioned that after multiple years of good yields, the coming year could hold losses for some producers.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Chris here: Interview with Chris Coffey, Farm Credit Mid-America

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AMVAC Takes Prescription Approach with SIMPAS

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AMVAC demonstrated the next generation of precision, prescriptive, in-furrow application equipment at the 2018 Commodity Classic in Anaheim. The system is called SIMPAS, which stands for Smart Integrated Multi-product Prescriptive Application System.

“It’s an application system that allows you to apply multiple products while planting,” said Jason Jimmerson, SIMPAS product manager. “It’s a prescription approach, so as you can see, a farmer can develop prescriptions for exactly what product is needed in every spot in the field that it’s needed, and not where it’s not.”

The system can be installed on any planter or row unit. Jimmerson added that RFID technology will allow farmers to return the unused portion of a product back to the retailer for a credit. Although the system is currently in the testing phase, the company is planning a limited commercial launch in 2020.

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Seed Treatment Can Harness Soil Microbes

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A new and improved seed treatment will soon be available for corn growers that promises to help them “be dirt rich” to reach higher yield potential.

The Poncho®/VOTiVO® 2.0 system is the next generation of the top selling seed treatment, Poncho/VOTiVO, which combines a fast-acting systemic insecticide with a biological seed treatment that provides protection against nematodes. The 2.0 is what positively impacts the soil environment around the root to increase nutrient uptake by the plant.

“Growers understand it’s not all about the seed they planted, but it’s also about the environment in which they plant that seed,” said Greg Ginisty, Bayer product manager, corn seed treatments. “One of the things we forget is that the soil is alive, and those soil microbes can move nutrients from the soil organic matter into usable forms that our plants can ingest.”

Greg and Bayer Product Development Manager Dr. Jennifer Riggs both attended Commodity Classic to share their excitement about Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0, which will be available in seed company and Bayer demo plots this year. Listen to their interviews below and watch as Jennifer explains the science behind PV 2.0 in the video.

Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 and Soil Health: Interview with Jennifer Riggs, Bayer

Greater Nutrient Uptake with Poncho Votivo 2.0: Interview with Greg Ginisty, Bayer

Bayer at 2018 Commodity Classic Photo Album

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Cabinet Members Testify on Infrastructure Needs

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USDA photo

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue and four other cabinet members testified this week before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation hearing entitled “Rebuilding Infrastructure in America: Administration Perspectives.” Secretary Perdue was joined by Department of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, and Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

Perdue stressed the need for improved transportation infrastructure for roads, railways and waterways, but he also noted the importance of broadband internet access. “Today the high-speed internet is that interstate highway of the 21st century. And we need a ubiquitous highspeed internet system across this country not only for the farm steads and the rural towns but the fields of America,” said Perdue.

USDA secretary Sonny Perdue infrastructure testimony
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