220 MPH Of Ethanol Power

Chuck Zimmerman

Ethanol CarI tried to take a picture like this today from trackside but I wasn’t prepared and you need to practice. In one photo I got the front tires, another the rear tires and in a couple I got zipidy-do-da. When the car’s moving at 220 mph and you’re standing still it just isn’t easy. Thanks to IMS Photo for the picture!

A picture paints a thousand words but sound adds to the effect! You can hear what this vehicle sounds like in action here: Download MP3 File

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Indy 500 Ethanol Promotion Powered By EPIC

Chuck Zimmerman

Tom SluneckaThe organization that put together the media event today at the Indianapolis Speedway that featured Team Ethanol’s #91 car making laps fueled by a 50-50 ethanol/methanol blend is the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council (EPIC). EPIC is headed by executive director, Tom Slunecka. Tom works with great folks like Joanna Schroeder, at the Integer Group, who help coordinate all the details. Besides the media invitation and registration work, there’s a bunch of detail work with the track itself and the Indy Racing League. While the car was making laps today the track announcer was describing the car and talking about all the benefits of ethanol for the crowd that was already here.

I interviewed Tom about EPIC and today’s promotion which you can listen to here: Download MP3 File

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Ethanol-powered Car Cruises Indy Speedway

Chuck Zimmerman

Jimmy KiteAn ethanol car has made laps around the Indianapolis 500 Speedway today for the first time since 1911. The #91 Hemelgarn Racing ethanol car, driven by Jimmy Kite, did 10 laps.

You can listen to my interview with Ron Hemelgarn, owner of Hemelgarn Racing, here: Download MP3 File

Trackside PhotoI was trackside with Ron right after the ethanol car finished its laps. I didn’t get my picture taken with Ron, but with him left to right are, Tom Slunecka, Executive Director for the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council (EPIC) and Ron Lamberty, Vice President of the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE).

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Ethanol Car Will Roll At Indy

Chuck Zimmerman

Ethanol CarHere’s an end of the day post from Indianapolis. We’re heading out to the track early tomorrow. I understand that there are some restrictions on what we can take pictures of but I’ll find out more when I get there. It’s all in the name of ethanol promotion since Indy cars will be fueled by ethanol by 2007. Tomorrow we’ll get to see car #91 do laps with an ethanol/methanol fuel mix.

I was wondering why Jimmy Kite was going to be driving the Hemelgarn Racing Ethanol Car #91 and found out that it’s because of an injury to the regular driver, Paul Dana. Jimmy is a four time starter at Indianapolis. I’m obviously not a close follower of IndyCar racing but that may change after this weekend! By the way Jimmy qualified at 218.565 MPH which lands him in the last row of cars. However, he’s been there before so we’ll wish him luck.

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Monsanto Gives Rootworm Advice

Chuck Zimmerman

Monsanto LogoMonsanto is encouraging growers to keep an eye out for some pesky critters that can damage their corn. You can read about it and listen to what they have to say in their latest Talking News Release.

You can download the full release here: Monsanto Release (Word doc)

Early Planting May Increase Corn Rootworm Pressure

ST. LOUIS, May 26, 2005 – Growers who took advantage of good weather to plant early this spring may want to be on the lookout for rootworm pressure. Evidence from several recent studies show the earlier corn is planted, the better the survival of rootworm larvae because of more food and less competition among larvae. When corn is planted late, hatching larvae may be forced to compete for limited food from smaller root systems.

John Obermeyer, extension entomologist from Purdue University says earlier planting means a bigger root system which increases the survivability of corn rootworms. “We can also increase not only the survivability but also the damage because we have more surviving rootworm to then feed not only on the smaller roots but eventually they will make their way to the nodal root which is very important for anchoring the plant throughout ear development and stabilizing the plant to keep it there throughout harvest.”

For more information contact Lee Quarles.

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Lamy New WTO Director General

Chuck Zimmerman

World Trade OrganizationSince what happens to international ag trade is very important to how companies market their products and services the World Trade Organization (WTO) plays a key role. Well, the leadership just changed there. Are American ag interests happy with the decision?

WTO Members choose Lamy as organization’s 5th Director-General

The 148 members of the World Trade Organization today formally selected Pascal Lamy of France to be the organization’s fifth Director-General. The decision was taken by consensus at the General Council. Mr. Lamy will assume his four year, renewable term on 1 September.

“I congratulate Pascal on his selection as Director-General. His experience in trade matters, his grasp of detail and his proven track record in institutional management ensure that he will be an excellent Director-General. I look forward to working closely with him in the future,” said Director-General Supachai Panitchpakdi, who will assume 1 September the post of Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

“I intend to make every effort to move the Doha Development Agenda negotiations as far as possible to ensure that we are well positioned for our Hong Kong Ministerial Conference in December. A solid outcome in our July General Council will give Pascal a very good platform from which to launch the last stage of Ministerial preparations,” Director-General Supachai said.

The General Council decision brings to a close the five month process during which four candidates were nominated by their respective governments. In addition to Mr. Lamy, the candidates were Carlos Perez del Castillo of Uruguay, Jaya Krishna Cuttaree of Mauritius and Luiz Felipe Seixas Correa of Brazil.

Visit here for the full release.


Kite To Drive Ethanol Car Friday

Chuck Zimmerman

EPIC LogoI’ll be leaving today for Indianapolis! It’s off to the races. As a start to the news I’ll bring you, here’s the latest from the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council:

Jimmy KiteKite to drive ethanol-powered IndyCar Series car during Miller Lite Carb Day Activities

Ethanol Hemelgarn Racing driver Jimmy Kite will drive an ethanol-powered IRL IndyCar® Series machine during Miller Lite Carb Day Activities on May 27.
Kite, who will make his fifth Indianapolis 500 start on May 29, will drive a Dallara which will be fueled with an ethanol/methanol blend beginning at 10:40 a.m. It will be the first-time an IndyCar Series car has run demonstration laps since the IndyCar Series partnered with the Ethanol industry to become the fuel supplier beginning with the 2006 season.
Ethanol is an alcohol derived primarily from grain. As a clean-burning and renewable fuel that is non-toxic and 100 percent biodegradable, it reduces harmful air pollution and improves racing’s environmental footprint. Its high octane rating delivers strong engine performance by helping engines resist detonation so they can run higher compression ratios.

I’ll be there and hope to bring you pictures and sound so stay tuned.

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Global Animal Management Sends Talking News Release

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmComm’s newest Talking News Release client is Global Animal Management (Schering-Plough) and their agency, Morgan & Myers. Here’s the latest news on a proposed mandatory animal ID system.

You can download the complete release here: Global Animal Management Release (Word Doc)


-Industry leaders say data may help make U.S. livestock producers more competitive globally-

KENILWORTH, N.J. May 26, 2005 – The proposed mandatory National Animal Identification System (NAIS), recently unveiled by Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns, provides an opportunity for U.S. livestock producers to become more competitive globally.
Jim Heinle (Hine-lee), president of Global Animal Management, Inc., says that by tracking animal movements, the proposed system would allow officials to quickly identify potentially infected animals in case of a major disease outbreak.
“I think the national animal ID system is the right activity at the right time, and I think it will help further people’s confidence in the nation’s food supply and I applaud USDA’s move in this direction.”

For more information contact Julie Lux at (908) 298-4774.

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Brownfield’s “Agriculture Today” Growing Like A Weed

Chuck Zimmerman

Brownfield Network LogoThere’s not a lot that’s really free in the world anymore but the Brownfield Network’s e-newletter is. You do have to subscribe and receive it by email. An RSS feed of it would be nice. Maybe that’ll be a future subscription option!

Agriculture TodayJefferson City , Mo. May 25, 2005 — Brownfield celebrates the 18 Month Anniversary of their free daily e-newsletter, “Agriculture Today .”

Agriculture Today is sent via email to registered subscribers in 44 states and Canada each afternoon. The newsletter features futures closes, market briefs, top ag stories of the day and ag weather. The majority of Agriculture Today subscribers are farmers, agricultural educators and other agricultural professionals.

For more information contact Lane McConnell.


ProBlogging – A Way of Life

Chuck Zimmerman

ProBloggerI may not be a ProBlogger yet as defined by Darren Rowse, ProBlogger, but it could happen. Darren’s blog offers lots of advice that is useful for anyone, not just the full time blogger. I like the way he thinks and after reading his posts for a few weeks thought I’d point it out for those of you who want to learn more.

Some of his recent posts include: How to Be A More Productive Blogger and Frequent Short Posts – A Secret of A-List Bloggers Success

I’ve been a little sparse with my posting the last couple days but that’s only due to high school graduation (tonight) and family in town. Keep reading because there’s lots more to come!