Blogging Poll

Chuck Zimmerman

I’ve been asking all the public relations professionals working here that I come in contact with if they know what a blog is. This is very unofficial or scientific and who knows what the margin of error is.

I’d say 95% don’t know. In fact, most say they’ve never heard of the word! Well that’s changing and this blog is helping speed the change up.

I’m also finding that it’s a lot easier showing them how this works and giving them examples of how they can use it than to just try to explain it in a casual conversation. Most discussions have started out as an “I’ve got 5 minutes to talk” and turned into about an hour of pretty intense discussion. I need to start charging for these initial consultations!

So, I can see that there’s a learning curve to go through and I hope I can help you with it. Some folks have given me the impression that they think this is just another fad that they’re not going to bother learning and that can be a little discouraging. But then the next call gets me fired up again.

Like this morning, I had an account executive from a major advertising/public relations agency call me today and spend almost an hour talking about how they can create blogs for themselves and their clients. They’ll be having an agency creative team meeting next week to discuss it and she was asked to contact us to help prepare information for the meeting.

They’re fired up about blogging and what it can mean for them and their clients.

Are you?


Even The News Room Is Sponsored!

Chuck Zimmerman

I know it’s not a very exciting picture but you can see how everything is sponsored. Reporters at the news center will leave this convention weighing several pounds more due to the large quantities of food bestowed upon them. Thursday’s breakfast included large steaks! After all we have to get our beef quota. Posted by Hello

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South Florida Biodiesel & Texas Cattle

Chuck Zimmerman

What do they have in common?

I’m at the NCBA/CBB convention in San Antonio and just sent a Talking News Release out for the National Biodiesel Board simultaneously with their live press conference going on at their annual convention in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It’s amazing what you can do with computers and the internet today!

So, here I am covering the convention in Texas as a way to demonstrate how you can use a blog for your company and/or client. At the same time we have clients like the National Biodiesel Board who are having us do release projects for them. We’re about as mobile as you can get.

I think we’re also going to create a new blog just focusing on farm news and directed to farmers. What do you think of that? It just makes sense to have a couple of reporters who are running their own public relations company create a source for news and information which we’re helping produce. Of course it has to be transparent and we’ll be up front about what they will read.

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It Was Trade Show Opening Day

Chuck Zimmerman

Over 6,000 people involved in the cattle industry are expected to attend this year’s Cattle Industry Convention & Trade Show. The trade show kicked things off Wed. evening and was very well attended. Posted by Hello

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