New Look For Holstein Foundation Website

Chuck Zimmerman

Holstein FoundationWho am I not to post an announcement about a new web look?

Holstein Foundation Website – Same Address, New look

BRATTLEBORO, Vt., May 31, 2005– The Holstein Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of their newly redesigned website with improved site features and layout at

“We have seen excitement for the Foundation at a whole new level this year. It is only fitting that our website reflects that,” said Jodi Luttropp, Holstein Foundation Programs Manager.

The redesigned website will appeal to the broad audience the Holstein Foundation works with to provide a wealth of information that is easy to find. For example, youth might look for practice questions for Dairy Bowl, a dairy judging team coach can download a related workbook and a proud grandparent can look for photos of their young stars in the photo album.

For more information contact Lisa Perrin.

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Soybean News For The Media

Chuck Zimmerman

Soybean ChronicleThe United Soybean Board has created a nifty little e-newsletter for media types which contains just a few short stories.

Stories in the latest issue include:

Supreme Court Rules Favorably for Beef Checkoff
Biodiesel Making Friends in High Places
Soy Biodiesel Joins the Yacht Club
Soybean Checkoff Rises to Fight the Aphid Challenge

Each story is short and contains suggestions for individuals to interview about each subject. I like how simple it is. You can scan it in just a few seconds to see if you’re interested and you know who to contact for more. Pretty good idea if you ask me.

Contact Chris Toebben or Tyler Kelley at Osborn & Barr Communications, 888-235-4332, for more information.

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Indy 500 Wrapup

Chuck Zimmerman

EPIC LogoThe media event that the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council coordinated last Friday was truly an awesome piece of public relations! It sure doesn’t hurt to be tied into the greatest spectacle in racing. Way to go Tom Slunecka and the folks from the Integer Group, led by Joanna Schroeder.

As a wrapup I had promised some more photos. This is my first time trying this so hopefully when you use this link you’ll be taken to the Flickr photo album I created for this event. Indy 500 – Team Ethanol

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EPIC Interview Is This Week’s ZimmCast

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCastLast Friday agriculture received a great amount of publicity through the media event coordinated by the Ethanol Promotion & Information Council (EPIC). It was easy to see that they generated stories because there were many reporters already covering the pending Indy 500 race. They were eager to interview all the media contacts for the event.

This week’s ZimmCast features an interview with EPIC executive director, Tom Slunecka. Tom discusses the Indy 500 promotion and the mission of his organization. I know I posted the interview already but here’s a link to it again. Download MP3 File

The ZimmCast is our weekly podcast. With podcast subscribing software you can use the link in our sidebar to subscribe.

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Beef Checkoff Decision Review

Chuck Zimmerman

RFD-TV LogoThere’s apparently more to learn about the recent Supreme Court decision on the beef checkoff. What I wonder is how many of those 26 million homes will be tuned in!

Beef Checkoff Leaders to Hold Satellite Forum
on Supreme Court Decision

CENTENNIAL, COLO. (May 25, 2005) – The Cattlemen’s Beef Board and the Federation of State Beef Councils Division of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association will hold a Satellite Forum on RFD-TV on Wednesday, June 1, 2005, from 9 to 10 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (8 p.m. CDT, 7 p.m. MDT, 6 p.m. PDT), to discuss the long-awaited Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of the beef checkoff.

This special program will feature call-in questions from viewers and a panel discussion that will include Al Svajgr, a Nebraska cattleman and chairman of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board; Monte Reese, the board’s chief operating officer; and Myron Williams, a cattleman from South Dakota and chairman of the Federation of State Beef Councils Division of NCBA.

The 60-minute Satellite Forum will broadcast live on RFD-TV, which reaches more than 26 million homes. Viewers nationwide may call in to a telephone number provided on-screen with questions or comments for the panel members.

The live RFD-TV broadcast may be viewed on:

DISH Network Satellite Channel 9409
DirecTV Satellite Channel 379
MediaCom Cable Systems, Check Local Listings
NCTC Cable Systems, Check Local Listings

For more information contact Donna Moreno.

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Ethanol Car Out Early

Chuck Zimmerman

Ethanol CarWell, Jimmy got 47 laps in but he’s done. I don’t have any information on why but he’s out. That’s tough but it gives me a good excuse to pack up and leave early and beat the crowd out. At least while the car was running it looked good!

That’s all for me from Indy today.

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Start Your Engines

Chuck Zimmerman

Green FlagIt is one of the most famous sayings in sports, “Gentlemen, (and ladies now), start your engines.”

The race got off to a smooth start and you can hear what it sounds like here. The audio includes the announcer, car startup and as they pass the green flag. Download MP3 File

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Ethanol Car Control Center

Chuck Zimmerman

Car CockpitI know there’s no way I could fit inside this thing. This is what Jimmy Kite will be holding onto for dear life at 220 or more mph in just a few minutes from now!

I’m going to put a bunch of pictures into an online photo album after this so that you can see the pictures I’ve posted and more. Sorry about posting so many but there’s been plenty of photo taking opportunities.

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Sounds of The Pit

Chuck Zimmerman

Tire PracticeBefore the race gets started the pit crew has to practice their tire changing. They changed tires several times before they felt like they were ready.

You can hear what it sounds like to be in the pit just before the race when the cars are getting their final tune-up and when the crew is practicing: Download MP3 File

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