Editing From The Road

Chuck Zimmerman

Cindy Editing AudioI know we haven’t posted much the last couple days but it’s move a daughter to college week and we’ve been on the road. But just to show you that work is getting done here’s Cindy editing audio for one of our clients. We’re in Georgia at the moment and spent some time on the phone today interviewing corn growers about rootworm and corn borer problems and protection.

This is the great thing about blogging. You can blog from wherever you are. Fortunately this place has DSL! We’ll get caught up on things by the first of next week.


Former CIA Director Woolsey On Ethanol & National Security

Chuck Zimmerman

25 X 25 Ag Energy Work GroupThe 25×25 Ag Energy Work Group held a press conference today with former CIA director James Woolsey. It was a discussion on the idea that reducing our dependence on foreign oil is an issue of national security. Here’s what their news release said:

Why is the former Director of Central Intelligence pushing for ethanol and other biofuels? The answer is simple: National security.

Two decades before the September 11 attacks, James Woolsey, CIA director from 1993-1995, warned that a handful of terrorists could shut down three-quarters of the oil and gas supplies to the Eastern states, cut the power to any major city or kill millions by crashing an airliner into a nuclear power plant. He remains a strong proponent of securing our nation’s vulnerable energy systems and decreasing our reliance on energy controlled by “pathological predators and vulnerable autocrats of the Mideast,” a reality he terms a “tragedy waiting to happen.”

Shortly after Americans celebrated Independence Day, he’ll join the leaders of the 25 x ’25 Ag Energy Work Group to discuss the need to focus on U.S. energy independence. They’ll share efforts to develop more renewable energy sources such as wind, methane, solar, ethanol and biodiesel and how the 25 x ’25 vision is bringing together a broad coalition of interest groups to make this happen.

You can listen to the full press conference here Download MP3 File (16 MB – 45 minutes)

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Clearing Up Misconceptions About Beef Checkoff – MBIC Report

Chuck Zimmerman

Missouri Beef Industry CouncilHow well do you understand the Beef Checkoff? In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision to allow the Checkoff to continue it’s a good time to make sure we understand how the Checkoff works. Missouri Beef Industry Council executive director Steve Taylor clears up some common misconceptions he still finds with producers about the Checkoff in this week’s MBIC Report.

You can listen to the MBIC Report here Download MP3 File

The MBIC Report is a weekly podcast on AgWired which you can subscribe to using the link in our sidebar.

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New Festival At American Royal Barbeque Contest

Chuck Zimmerman

American Royal BarbequeSince I mentioned the Royal in the last post and since it’s a barbeque kind of day then you should know about a new item at the American Royal Barbeque Contest.

New Festival Added to Barbecue
The 26th Annual American Royal Barbecue Contest has announced the addition of a new public music and food festival to the world’s biggest barbecue contest. “We want the barbecue contest to be a celebration of the city’s heritage that everyone in Kansas City can participate in and be proud of,” says Neal Patterson, American Royal Chairman of the Board. In addition to the concert, the American Royal also announced plans to build a “Barbecue Restaurant Row” where the public can taste great barbecue from some of the biggest names in Kansas City.

For more information contact Suzanne Levy.

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Corn Cob Bob Thrown Out On His Ear

Chuck Zimmerman

Corn Cob BobIt looks like Corn Cob Bob has his enemies. Namely big oil companies. He’s such a friendly guy too. How could you not love him?

Canadian Renewable Fuels Association: ‘Corn Cob Bob’ Thrown Out on His Ear

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(CCNMatthews – July 4, 2005) – National Capital Commission Bans Ethanol Mascot from Canada Day Under Pressure From Shell Canada

Corn Cob Bob, the friendly mascot of the Canadian ethanol industry, was banned from Canada Day celebrations in the nation’s capital last Friday. The National Capital Commission (NCC) said that Corn Cob Bob was not welcome at the main festivities on Ottawa’s Major Hill’s Park, because title sponsor Shell Canada wanted him out.

“It appears a bit of a shell game is going on. Corn Cob Bob was originally welcomed, we did all the proper paperwork, and then we were banned,” said Kory Teneycke, Executive Director of the Canada Renewable Fuel Association. “We thought our message of reducing greenhouse gases by using cleaner, renewable fuels would be a welcome part of Canada Day. Nobody should own Canada Day. It should include all Canadians – even Corn Cob Bob.”

For more information on this sad tale contact Canadian Renewable Fuels Association: Kory Teneycke, (416) 578-6170.

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Royal Gala Shaping Up For October 21

Chuck Zimmerman

Royal Gala FundraiserAlthough I didn’t make the meeting it looks like the committee got a lot done! The notes are too long for this post so I’ll just use this opportunity to point out that the Royal Gala Fundraiser will be held again this year on October 21 at the American Royal headquarters in Kansas City. The event is to raise funds for the Livestock Publications Heritage Center. Besides great food, beverage and fellowship the notes say that Barry Nelson performed magic. Maybe he will again this year!

If you’d like to help out plan to attend the next committee meeting at the Agricultural Media Summit on August 1. It’ll be a dutch treat breakfast meeting in the conference hotel restaurant. Contact Amber Spafford for more information.

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Sun World Has New CEO

Chuck Zimmerman

Sun World InternationalBruce C. Burton Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sun World International, LLC.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., July 1 /PRNewswire/ — Sun World International, LLC, one of California’s largest vertically integrated agricultural corporations, today announced the appointment of Bruce C. Burton, as Chief Executive Officer, effective July 18, 2005.

Mr. Burton brings to Sun World an impressive track record of success in agribusiness. He spent thirteen years with the Dole Food Company, including eight years as the Group Vice President, North American Deciduous Group, with profit and loss responsibility for Dole’s $130 million North American Deciduous Fruit Business. Prior to that he served for three years as Director/Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development.

About Sun World International, LLC

Sun World is one of California’s largest vertically integrated agricultural corporations with a significant farming and packing infrastructure, strong marketing capabilities and an extensive proprietary product development program. The company owns approximately 17,000 acres of land in the San Joaquin Valley and the Coachella Valley. Sun World grows, packs, markets and ships fresh produce (such as table grapes, stone fruit, citrus, peppers and watermelons) to food wholesalers and retailers located throughout the United States and to more than 30 foreign countries.

For more information contact Giovanna Falbo, +1-212-573-6100, or Jeff Lloyd, +1-310-788-2850, both for Sitrick And Company.


Boomtown Jack Receives Award

Chuck Zimmerman

Boomtown USAI introduced you to Jack Schultz a while back. I just found out that he received a very nice award. That’s because I subscribe to his Agurban newsletter.

Congratulations Jack Schultz! 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year!

Last Thursday night Jack Schultz was in Kennewick, Washington speaking at the Association of Washington Cities annual conference. While he was furthering the Boomtown message on the West Coast, in Chicago a room of more than 500 people was applauding his efforts, his spirit, and his dedication. Jack was chosen as an honored recipient of the 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year!

Jack was nominated for this award earlier this spring by a past recipient from the Effingham area. Ernst and Young recognize outstanding entrepreneurs who are building and leading dynamic and growing businesses. Randall Tavierne, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Illinois Director, writes, “For the past 19 years, we have proudly recognized outstanding business leaders across Illinois. This year’s Illinois program participants have succeeded through turbulent economic times and emerged even stronger. As they forged ahead, they may not have listened when told it couldn’t be done and they continue to take chances that average people consider too risky. They are leaders rather than followers. We are inspired by their achievements.”

We couldn’t have described or honored Jack any better. He has been an entrepreneur all his life, exuding the Can-Do Spirit. Jack’s absence, fulfilling a prior commitment, truly shows his devotion to his passion of spreading the word about the endless possibilities in Small Town America. Please join all of us at Agracel, Inc. in congratulating Jack for this awesome achievement!

You can keep up with Jack on his blog Boomtown USA by Jack Schultz.


How Emotional Branding Creates Winners

Chuck Zimmerman

Osborn & Barr CommunicationsThe folks at Osborn & Barr Communications are using the power of the internet to distribute an electronic newsletter about their agency. In the latest issue you can find some case studies as well as an article on emotional branding.

Harnessing the Power of an Emotional Brand

“How your customers feel about your brand isn’t a casual question,” states Daryl Travis, author of Emotional Branding. “It is the crucial question. Products might leave your factory by the thousands a day, but brands are sold one at a time, and they are sold by FEELINGS.”

Your brand is what your customers perceive every time they do business with your company and, beyond that, what they hear about your company in elevator conversations and online chat rooms.

In their attempts to create those feelings and perceptions, companies spent a nationwide total of $67.6 billion on advertising in 2004 according to data from TNS Media Intelligence. Big companies were the front-runners in dollars spent. Meanwhile, small businesses were trying to come up with prudent solutions that would enable them to compete for customer share of mind and share of pocket.

Rather than compete in a head-on advertising war they can’t win, small businesses must leverage their brand power through a mutually supportive combination of operational branding, public relations and advertising that engages customers and motivates them to become your brand advocate. To build this kind of customer belief, all points of contact must reinforce one another and create the same positive emotional response, not just for the single sale but also for the long-term relationship. Consider the “Align, Define, Combine” method of brand building. . . (Full Article)

For more information contact Tammy Donelson.


Enlist In NAMA Boot Camp

Chuck Zimmerman

NAMA Boot CampIt’s time to enlist in the second annual NAMA Boot Camp. Yours truly will be conducting a program on blogging. If you’ve wondered who, what, where, when, how and why this is your chance to see a live blogging demonstration and class. Of course there’s lots more on the program. You can see the full program here.


Join us for the second annual Agri-Marketing Boot Camp, August 17-19, in Kansas City. You’ll hear case studies on how to market to your audience and get caught up on issues and trends facing the industry today. In addition, there will be ample time to network with your peers.

Did you attend last year? If so, we want you back! This year’s program will be a perfect continuation, not a repeat, of the basics. And if you want to see our industry in action, plan to come early for the Ag Tour. This tour will be sponsored by the MoKan Chapter. The tour will be priced separately. You can add the tour to your Boot Camp registration or attend the tour only.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, the Agri-Marketing Boot Camp will give you the tools you need to more professionally market to the agricultural industry.

Who should attend? Agency account executives; Media professionals; Art directors; Copywriters; Marketing professionals; Sales professionals; and 2004 Boot Camp attendees.

To register go to the online form.