NRECA Members Learn How Bureaucrats Work

Chuck Zimmerman

Today at the pre-NRECA Legislative Conference members can attend a morning session called “Congressional Insight” that turns them into federal legislators. They’re set up in a congressional office setting and made to deal with staff, media, legislation and round-the-clock meetings with constituents, lobbyists and colleagues.

That’s followed by a class in ethics. Sounds to me like something some real senators and representatives ought to attend!

Later on today official registration begins before this conference kicks off tomorrow.


Major Announcement Tomorrow From USDA

Chuck Zimmerman

Tommorow the NAFB group will attend a USDA briefing at which Ag Secretary, Mike Johanns, is expected to make a big announcement. At least that’s what the press release USDA put out late Friday said.


WASHINGTON, Apr. 29, 2005–Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns will make
a major news announcement during a speech to the National Association
of Farm Broadcasters.

WHO: Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns

WHAT: Secretary Johanns speaks to NAFB members, makes announcement

WHEN: Monday, May 02, 2005, 9:10 a.m. EDT

I’ll be there and post what we find out right here as soon as I can. I should have the audio available to listen to depending on what type of access they have available. You’d think it would be pretty good. However, at this Hyatt hotel I’m in, I’ve been having some technical problems accessing our web server via their high speed wireless access. It’s not making me happy.

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NAFB Issues Forum Main Item On Agenda

Chuck Zimmerman

If you’ve ever been to a National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) fall convention you’re familiar with Trade Talk. It’s a trade show where companies and organizations set up booths and staff them with representatives who are available to be interviewed by the broadcasters who attend.

Here at the NAFB Washington Watch they have a small version of that called the Issues Forum. Instead of elaborate booths though, companies and organizations who are very involved in legislative issues have tables that are staffed with representatives available for interviews on these types of topics. It’s much less product and service oriented.

The Issues Forum takes place this afternoon, sandwiched in between a morning board meeting and professional improvement session, followed by a banquet tonight.

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On The Road Again With NRECA & NAFB

Chuck Zimmerman

Keep your eye on AgriMarketing Pros for information about the NRECA Legislative Conference and NAFB’s Washington Watch program. I’ll be there.


NRECA has hired ZimmComm to produce and distribute Talking News Releases from their conference and Southeast AgNet has us providing their network with some coverage from the NAFB meeting. Both meetings will feature some interesting speakers and topics which we’ll bring to your attention.

Maybe I’ll see you in DC!

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Online Advertising Flexes Some Muscle

Chuck Zimmerman

In an article on today they write about some amazing predictions for online advertising this year. Remember when “banner” ads were just getting started and we kind of laughed about them being “serious” advertising?

The online ad attack

Apr 27th 2005
From The Economist print edition

Online advertising is becoming a serious rival to the traditional sort. Google’s new advertising service could make the internet an even more valuable marketing medium

THIS year the combined advertising revenues of Google and Yahoo! will rival the combined prime-time ad revenues of America’s three big television networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, predicts Advertising Age. It will, says the trade magazine, represent a “watershed moment” in the evolution of the internet as an advertising medium. A 30-second prime-time TV ad was once considered the most effective—and the most expensive—form of advertising. But that was before the internet got going. And this week online advertising made another leap forward.

Excerpt from story online today.


Calling All Dairy Art Lovers

Chuck Zimmerman

Are you a cattle artist? Know of any? I don’t mean a cow who paints. I mean someone who paints cows, er, I mean pictures of cows or something like that. Anway, read the release for how you can help out the Holstein Foundation.

Holstein Foundation Logo

Holstein Foundation Seeks Contributions to First Art Sale

BRATTLEBORO, Vt., April 26, 2005–The Holstein Foundation is seeking contributions for its first online Art Sale. Artists and admirers of fine art are encouraged to submit original, unique or handcrafted items- such as paintings, ceramics, sculptures or quilts, which relate to dairy cattle.

Submissions will be auctioned online from October 1 – December 1, 2005 on the Foundation’s website, Additionally, all participants will have the chance to win cash prizes up to $100 in the People’s Choice Contest. From September 1- October 1, 2005, all visitors to the Holstein Foundation website will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite art submissions. Online voting will determine the top three People’s Choice winners in two divisions.

For more information contact Lisa Perrin.

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Mary Promoted A Little Lamb

Chuck Zimmerman

If you’ve wanted to do some creative work to promote lamb, now’s the time to obtain some financial assistance from the American Lamb Board.

American Lamb Board Logo

The American Lamb Board Announces the 2005 Matching Grant Program

The American Lamb Board is now soliciting 2005 Matching Grant Program proposals. The new application is available at or by calling Rae at (866) 327-5262. According to ALB Chairman Spence Rule, The ALB developed the Matching Grant Program to expand their marketing and promotions activities by creating collaborative partnerships with industry organizations. The projects that have been funded in 2004 have expanded ALBs efforts to educate consumers, retailers and chefs at the local level.

A total of $40,000 is budgeted for 2005 grant funding. The grants require a 1-to-1 cash match from the grant recipient. In-kind contributions are not considered for the matching requirement. Industry organizations are invited to submit proposals that expand or strengthen the market for American Lamb. Creative marketing projects which include a collaborative effort amongst industry organizations and industry sectors are encouraged.

For more information contact Rae Maestas.

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Lallemand Basket Winners

Chuck Zimmerman

You know how trade show booths always have little contests and drawings? Ever wonder who wins? I do. That’s why I had to post this. I actually received a card by mail from Lallemand Animal Nutrition announcing the winners of the Lallemand baskets at the 2005 NCBA in San Antonio (You can still see our posts from the convention through the NCBA Convention category archive).

The winners were:

Kendall Karr of Amarillo, TX
Lynn Gordon of Lincoln, NE
Jerry Bohn of Pratt, KS
Matt McKinney of Minden, NV

Way to go! Wish I could remember what was in the baskets.

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Missouri Students Win Corn Scholarships

Chuck Zimmerman

The latest Missouri Corn Growers Association Talking News Release lets you know who will receive their annual scholarships. Lucky students!



(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.)—The Missouri Corn Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2005 Missouri Corn Scholarships. Each student will receive a $750 scholarship from the Missouri Corn Growers Association and the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council to help pay for their continuing education.

Winners of the 2005 Missouri Corn Scholarships for graduating high school seniors are:
• Jordan Richner, Buffalo, Mo., to attend Southwest Missouri State University;
• Kyle C. Ferguson, Carrollton, Mo., to major in agriculture business;
• Justin W. Lueck, Alma, Mo., to attend University of Missouri-Columbia;
• Stacy Lynn Craighead, Fulton, Mo., to attend University of Missouri-Columbia.

Winners of the 2005 Missouri Corn Scholarships for college juniors are:
• Todd J. Landewee, Oran, Mo., attending Southeast Missouri State University;
• Jaclyn L. DeWeese, Brunswick, Mo., attending University of Missouri-Columbia.

You can download the complete release here: MO Corn Scholarship Winners

For more information contact Becky Grisham.

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