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AgWired T-shirtsAt the NAMA convention in April, our t-shirts were very popular. So much so, that we re-designed them and now have them available for you to purchase ($12.99, includes shipping in U-S)!

You can see the front and back here, modeled by two of the lovely Zimmerman daughters. Their fee was reasonable after intense negotiation.

If you want one of them, and you know you do, the easiest way to buy is to use the credit card option in the left sidebar. If you don’t want to make an online credit card payment just send me a check and I’ll get it sent out. They only cost $12.99 and that includes shipping anywhere in the United States. Outside the U-S we might have to add for shipping.


Ag Media Summit Photo Album

Chuck Zimmerman

Agricultural Media SummitSo if you weren’t able to attend the Agricultural Media Summit you can still get the flavor of it by visiting the articles that I posted this past week. This is one of those opportunities to use an AgWired category archive. In this case you can visit this link – Ag Media Summit Archive – and you’ll pull up all 30+ articles I did from both the Agricultural Relations Council Meeting and the AMS.

I just uploaded my pictures to a Flickr album as well. Feel free to view them here: Ag Media Summit/ARC Photo Album

If you see a picture you want send me an email and I can send you a higher res file. Feel free to use any of them.

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Consumers Believe U-S Beef Safe

Chuck Zimmerman

Missouri Beef Industry CouncilConsumer confidence in beef is still strong according to the latest Talking News Release from the Missouri Beef Industry Council.


(Columbia, MO) Missouri beef producers are happy to know that the vast majority of Americans believe they are producing a safe product, and that the industry and the government are doing a good job of protecting them from BSE, or mad cow disease.

According to David Dick, a Sedalia cattleman who is chairman of the Missouri Beef Industry Council (MBIC), a consumer tracking survey conducted June 27-29 found that only about 7 out of every 100 Americans has any concern about the safety of the nation’s beef supply.

“The survey came back in 92, almost 93 percent confidence in the product. And that comes from our efforts to make sure that they are a well-informed consumer.” (Full Release)

For more information contact Steve Taylor.

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Farm Computer Use Report Being Re-issued With Corrections

Chuck Zimmerman

National Agricultural Statistics ServiceThe National Agricultural Statistics Service just released their newest Farm Computer Usage report but don’t start using it just yet. It’s being re-released next week! I wondered why I couldn’t find it on their website and here’s what it says – “The Farm Computer Usage and Ownership report released on July 29, 2005 by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will be reissued on August 12, 2005 due to corrections in the data.’

I was going to report on how it shows that for the first time farmer internet access is over 51%. There’s lots of interesting information in the report but now I wonder what will change. The stories I’ve seen so far seem to be focusing on the fact that the increase in internet access is a smaller percentage than previously seen in earlier reports and that this might mean that farmer’s use of computers and the internet is levelling off. I don’t think I’d jump to that conclusion just yet. For one thing you have to dig into the data and there’s quite a bit of it.

For example if you just look at the total overall numbers you have to realize who was surveyed and basically that’s anyone farming that makes over $1,000 from farming. There are income breakouts that you should look at because the numbers are very different at different income levels.

Unfortunately I can’t point some of them out since I don’t know what’s going to change. I also can’t link to the report but I will when the release is available.


Jim Phillips Wins GHP Print At AMS

Chuck Zimmerman

Grant Heilman PhotographyI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s nice to know who won those trade show booth contests you enter even if it isn’t you.

To our Fellow Ag Media Summit Attendees!

If you are receiving this email, then you placed a card in our raffle at the Grant Heilman Photography booth (#303). We hope you enjoyed the Summit. I know we certainly did! Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for; the announcement of the official winner of the GHP print. And that would be Jim Phillips of JLP Communications! Congratulations, Jim!

Remember to check out our website for all your stock photography needs. We are always adding new imagery to our website, which now has 60,000 images on it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call because we have over one million images in our entire collection.

See You Next Year,

Scott J. Bauer, Director of Communications

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Cutting Edge Tools For Beef Innovators

Chuck Zimmerman

MFA IncorporatedThe latest news release from MFA Incorporated focused on their invitation only Beef Innovator seminars which were recently conducted in three locations around Missouri. This means that not only is MFA providing cutting edge tools for their customers but they’re using cutting edge tools in their public relations efforts!

Beef Innovators Series Provides Cattle Producers With Cutting Edge Tools

(Columbia, MO) Beef producers who are going to survive in the future are those who are the most innovative, especially in the areas of nutrition, health and marketing.

That is the message MFA, Incorporated recently presented to groups of producer leaders in Chillicothe, Springfield and Warrenton, MO at the 2005 MFA Beef Innovators’ Seminars. Veterinarian Dr. Alan Wessler, MFA Feed Division vice president, says they addressed three main topics with the producers.

“We talked about cattle performance, we talked about tracking value in the feed lots, and we talked about the national ID and BSE testing updates.” ( mfa-wessler-cut-1) (:08) (Full Release)

For more information contact Chuck Lay.

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Upping The PR Staff At O&B

Chuck Zimmerman

Osborn & Barr CommunicationsThose folks at Osborn & Barr are still adding to the fold. They also like to send out releases announcing a whole bunch of new folks (or ones getting promoted). So I’ll try to cover them all in one post.

ST. LOUIS, MO — August 3, 2005 — As a provider of marketing communications services for over 16 years, Osborn & Barr Communications has led clients through a constantly changing marketing environment. Today the agency continues to expand its public relations offerings as the discipline gains importance in a splintering advertising arena.

Sarah RobinettSarah Robinett comes to Osborn & Barr as a public relations senior account executive with experience in corporate and nonprofit environments. Her skills in strategic planning, project management and multimedia campaign development will serve clients in agriculture, rural lifestyles, government and associations.

Ketih WardenKeith Warden has joined Osborn & Barr as contact relations assistant account executive to work with the agency’s industry-funded clients such as the United Soybean Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Prior to joining Osborn & Barr, Keith provided advertising and public relations for corporate clients in Hawaii.

Jaime JonesmithIn addition, Osborn & Barr promoted Jaime Jonesmith to account supervisor and Karen Pfautsch and Chris Toebben to account executive. Jaime serves as the liaison between the client and the agency team on the Monsanto account and is responsible for communications for Monsanto’s corn traits products under the Roundup Ready and YieldGard brands.

Chris ToebbenWith his strong understanding of soy technology and media communications expertise, account executive Chris Toebben has been appointed the project manager of USB’s industrial new uses communications and co-manager of USB’s agricultural media relations efforts.

For more information contact Tammy Humm Donelson.


Going To The BBS

Chuck Zimmerman

Blog Business SummitIt’s the Blog Business Summit and I’m going! I’m going to miss the start but I’ll be there for a part of it at least. And I’m missing the start to teach blogging at the NAMA Boot Camp! So, after my presentation on Thursday, it’s off to San Francisco and learning more from the people who are getting all the headlines like: Anil Dash, Shawn Gold, Molly Holzschlag, Robert Scoble, Biz Stone and of course, Steve Broback and many more. Looking forward to it.

I’m putting in this link at the request of the folks at the BBS who are doing some sort of test on incoming links that we’ll learn more about when we’re there.


AAAA Conference Blogged

Chuck Zimmerman

No image here. I know I usually have something but you just don’t always have to. I hope you got something out of my blogging the Ag Media Summit. Love to know what you think. I will still have some content to present when time allows. As I was checking my feeds tonight I came across a link to an interesting blog you might want to visit. It was pointed out on Adfreak. They turned me on to Russell Davies, an account planner. He just blogged the AAAA Account Planning Conference in Chicago. Looks like he did a good job. I can relate!

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Celebs Protesting Ag Subsidies

Chuck Zimmerman

Oxfam AmericaNew on Adjab today is a short note about an upcoming advertising campaign by Oxfam America to try to impact agricultural subsidies. According to the article celebrities like Minnie Driver and others will be doused with chocolate, coffee and other ingredients. It’s supposed to be a magazine campaign. I couldn’t see any mention of it on the Oxfam America website so I’m not sure where the information comes from. Adam says in his post, “The campaign is spurred in part by advocacy group Oxfam America which urges places like the United States to stop presenting cheap product to world markets which makes it difficult for smaller countries to compete.” So there you have it. I’m sure many people would like to see Minnie Driver wearing chocolate.

The story comes from the International Herald Tribune.

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