Soil Health Demo Farmers At #SHPSummit16

Taylor Truckey

The Soil Health Partnership (SHP) has a number of their demo farmers, the farmers who are implementing field size research trials over the next 5 years, at the Soil Health Summit this week. Hear from a few of them about their experiences so far in the program, and their hopes for what the next few years will bring. Gordon Smiley …

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Soil Health Makes Financial Sense #SHPSummit16

Taylor Truckey

Monsanto has been a part of the Soil Health Partnership since its inception. Kevin Coffman, Market Development Lead in the Ag Sustainability Strategy division of Monsanto, elaborated on the plans of the Partnership with AgWired’s Chuck Zimmerman during the 2nd Soil Health Summit held in Indianapolis this week. Kevin Coffman, a member of the steering committee for the Soil Health …

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The Economics of Cover Crops

Cindy Zimmerman

At the first Soil Health Summit last year, I talked with Purdue University agricultural economist Dr. Wally Tyner about the need to quantify the economic benefits for farmers of using cover crops. This year, Chuck talked with him again about where they are at with that initiative. “We’ve designed some new studies…to get statistically, economically valid comparisons on farm fields …

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#SHPSummit16 Hears From Indiana Farmers

Taylor Truckey

Carrie Volmer-Sanders farms with her husband and parents in Northeast Indiana/Northwest Ohio, and they have implemented cover crops on their farm for about 5 years now. Sanders works for The Nature Conservancy which is where she first heard about the project. “There are a couple of goals being a part of this. Some include sharing the information with local farmers …

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Soil Health Stewardship Program Benefits Growers

Taylor Truckey

While at the Soil Health Summit, David Brown, a farmer from Illinois, spoke with AgWired about his involvement in the Soil Health Partnership Stewardship Program. “We’re learning so much from it,” said Brown. “When the opportunity presented itself, I thought ‘we have to do this’. It’s a learning opportunity for us and if you don’t learn, you’re standing still.” Brown …

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#SHPSummit16 Focuses On Field Research

Taylor Truckey

The Soil Health Partnership knows that further research is needed to show farmers the benefits of soil health. Dan Towery, Field Manager with the Soil Health Partnership in Indiana, spoke with Chuck Zimmerman at the Soil Health Summit this week in Indianapolis about the purpose of the Summit as well as the field research trials they are currently conducting. “We’re …

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The Nature Conservancy Supports Soil Health

Cindy Zimmerman

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) provides technical support for the Soil Health Partnership (SHP), and it’s something that fits in well with the organization’s mission “to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.” “The Nature Conservancy has been working in agriculture for several decades,” says Larry Clemens, TNC North American Agriculture Program Director. “We’ve been wanted to scale …

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Soil Health From the Ground Up #SHPsummit16

Cindy Zimmerman

The Soil Health Partnership (SHP) is not even two years old yet, but already the group has made some great strides in learning more about soil health to share with farmers. Hans Kok is a field manager for SHP in Indiana, where the second Soil Health Summit is being held this week. “We’re setting up a network of demonstration farms …

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Soil Health Summit Starts Today

Chuck Zimmerman

My current home is the Alexander in Indianapolis where the Soil Health Partnership is about to kick off the 2016 Soil Health Summit. Cindy attended the first one last year. It’s my turn this year. I’ll be sharing interviews with staff, supporters and farmer who are participating in the organization’s work. Here’s what the SHP 5 year initiative says: Over …

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Panel On Taking Cover Crops Mainstream at #ASTACSS

Taylor Truckey

During a session on Taking Cover Crops Mainstream at the ASTA CSS/Seed Expo this week, a panel of representatives from across the industry spoke about their experiences with cover crops, the work they’ve done on either their farm or in their business, and the impact cover crops can have on soil health. Two growers who integrate cover crops on their …

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