Adapt-N Focuses on Growing Integration Network

Cindy Zimmerman

Yara’s premier nitrogen management software Adapt-N has served agronomists for more than 10 years to support critical efforts in maximizing nitrogen investment and efficiency. Now, the company announces Adapt-N will focus efforts on building its integration network and will no longer offer direct interface access starting January 1, 2024 in order to provide long-term benefits and better suit the needs of growers.

“At Yara, we believe that nitrogen use efficiency represents one of the most significant opportunities to maximize grower profitability, optimize crop productivity and minimize environmental impact of farming,” said Molly Biedenfeld, vice president U.S. East sales and marketing. “It is this belief that has motivated us to expand Adapt-N’s FMIS partner network, which we’re confident will enable a better experience for our current users, while also ensuring the state-of-the-art nitrogen management technology is easily accessible to new users.”

Currently, Adapt-N is already available in Proagrica, Ever.Ag, and MyFarms. Other management systems are currently in progress to include the tool in the immediate future. The Yara Adapt-N team is actively providing support to its user base to ensure a smooth transition.

“This transition will give our current and future users even more tools to maximize their nitrogen investment with increased data insights from our integration partners, while also putting the recommendations at their fingertips through the FMIS they are using daily,” said Matt Sweeney, sales and marketing manager, Yara Adapt-N. “We are very committed to ensuring this transition is smooth for our current users and will work together with them, while also actively building our FMIS partnerships to extend support to new users.”

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