Monsanto’s Road Map to Success

Laura McNamara

“See the next decade of biotechnology products.” That’s what Monsanto says its Technology Showcase Tour: The Road Map to Success will demonstrate to farmers in Progress City, IL. The gene optimization, desired trait characteristics and advanced product development that Monsanto promotes with its products is all on display in a live side-by-side comparison of crops with Monsanto products and crops …

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Syngenta Acquires Zeraim Gedera

Laura McNamara

Syngenta expands into Israel as it acquires Zeraim Gedera, an Israeli seeds company. Syngenta believes Zeraim offers an ideal addition to its vegetable seeds business. Syngenta announced that it has agreed to acquire Zeraim Gedera Ltd., a high quality Israeli vegetable seeds company focusing on high-value crops, including tomato, pepper and melon. Syngenta will buy all outstanding shares in the …

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Wyffels Picks Hondo Group

Chuck Zimmerman

It looks like The Hondo Group is moving forward quickly in its development by landing a great new client. Wyffels Hybrids, one of the nation’s largest independent hybrid seed corn companies, announced today the selection of The Hondo Group as its new agency of record.” The agency was selected by the executive and senior management teams at Wyffels following an …

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Garst BYG Winners

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s putting your promotional money where your research mouth is. If you’re going to promote products that help in the production of ethanol, or biofuels in general, then what better way to promote it than by using the end result – the fuel. That’s what Garst did. . . . the company is driving support for biofuels by giving the …

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