PrecisionAg Legacy Awards

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There were two PrecisionAg Institute Legacy award winners recognized this year at the InfoAg 2014 Conference in St. Louis. Dr. Scott Shearer, Professor and Chair of the Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering at The Ohio State University, was recognized for his work in spectral and spatial image processing in agriculture and controls and methodologies for metering and distribution of inputs …

Audio, Precision Agriculture Cindy ZimmermanPrecisionAg Legacy Awards

InfoAg 2014 on Track in St. Louis

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For the first time in its 14 year history, the InfoAg Conference is being held at the historic Union Station in St. Louis, instead of in Springfield, Illinois, and they have the largest number of attendees pre-registered and more registering on site. InfoAg continues to be the premier precision agriculture event for producers, consultants, and the crop production industry, featuring …

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Welcome to the MapShots AgStudio Expo

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The 2014 InfoAg Expo kicks off tomorrow at St. Louis Union Station, but prior to that event, MapShots has brought in about 140 farmers and crop consultants for an AgStudio Expo today. “Little day session that goes through some of the aspects of AgStudio and that line of products from the farm version to the pro version,” said Clint Ingram …

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Opening Keynote at Intl. Conf. on Precision Agriculture

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Dr. Margaret Oliver was the opening keynote speaker at this week’s International Conference on Precision Agriculture. She is Deputy Editor of the European Journal of Soil Science (2011–present) and was Co-Editor of Precision Agriculture with John Stafford for six years until the end of 2010, but remains on the Editorial Board. On hand for ZimmComm was Sabrina Hill, AgNet West. …

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Ag Leader Focuses on Seed, Water, and Nutrient Management

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The first Ag Leader Technology Tech Meets Dirt Road Tour around Illinois is now history now and it seems like it was a big success. I attended the event near Peoria and was able to chat with presenters in each of the main focus areas – seed, water, and nutrient management. Matt Cannon, a farmer from central Iowa, talked about …

Ag Leader, Audio, Precision Agriculture, Seed, Technology, Water Leah GuffeyAg Leader Focuses on Seed, Water, and Nutrient Management

Regulating UAV Use

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Concern about regulations for the commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was a big topic at last week’s 2014 Precision Aerial Ag Show (PAAS) in Decatur, Illinois. Attorney Brendan Schulman of Kramer Levin Law spoke at the event about his win against the FAA regarding a UAV flight for the filming of a …

Audio, Precision Agriculture Chuck ZimmermanRegulating UAV Use

AG UAVs in the Air

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You especially like to have good weather when you’re holding an air show! In this case it’s the Precision Aerial Ag Show taking place at the Farm Progress Show site in Illinois. Check out the flight schedule that’s going on. I was really hoping to have a chance to attend this event. It has “AgNerd” written all over it. But …

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InfoAg App

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If you’re an agnerd and planning to attend the 2014 InfoAg Conference in July add the InfoAg App to your mobile device. The conference is only a few weeks from now and a reason to get the app before you go is so you can create your own “program” of workshops and presentations that you want to attend. The app …

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Ag Leader Technology Meets Dirt in Illinois

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Ag Leader Technology is out in the fields this summer bringing the latest precision technology to Illinois farms in the Technology Meets Dirt Road Tour. There have been two events so far but there are still three more scheduled in the next couple of weeks where you can learn how the latest technology can help you manage seed, fertilizer, water …

Ag Leader, Audio, Farming, Precision Agriculture Leah GuffeyAg Leader Technology Meets Dirt in Illinois

Wearable Technology for Agriculture – Google Glass

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It’s time to get a ZimmGlass update. Actually, this is more of a wearable technology update that includes Google Glass. My guest this week is Bruce Rasa, TekWear, LLC. You might have met Bruce at our booth during the Agri-Marketing Conference or on a program somewhere demonstrating Google Glass. Bruce has been using Glass longer than I have and in …

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