International Drone Expo 2016 – New & Upgraded Activations

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International Drone Expo (IDE) has new and upgraded show activations for 2016. IDE will host its first annual Drone Race Cup, a pitchfest competition and film showcase. The third annual IDE is set to take place December 9-10, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Championship IDE drone race cup is one of the few sanctioned in Los Angeles. …

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#IFAJ2016 Bayer Tour – Part 7 – Application Tech – Nozzles

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In this episode of my series on touring Bayer CropScience during the IFAJ Congress in Germany the focus will continue on application technology. This time specifically on spray nozzles. Ralph-Burkhardt Toews, Bayer Application Technology Manager, gave a field demonstration using different types of nozzles. In the first part of the demonstration he shows the difference between standard spray nozzles vs …

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The @JohnDeere Customer Solutions Plan

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During this year’s InfoAg Conference I met John Teeple, Director, Technology – Precision Ag Solutions, John Deere. John covers a lot of territory with his position. I asked John how John Deere is working in the precision ag sector to help farmers become more efficient while planting, spraying and harvesting. He says they look at it from three angles. “John …

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3rd Party Developer Integrations for @JohnDeere Have Tripled

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The Operations Center of has become increasingly beneficial to customers with the growth in third party application developers who have integrated their software via APIs. This allows for more seamless connectivity of data into the Operations Center that can be shared out to other platforms and software. Many of these companies have attended the annual John Deere Developers Conference …

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GIS Tech is @Esri Specialty

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At the recent 2016 InfoAg Conference we had the chance to learn about Esri, a software company that allows growers to integrate high-resolution imagery, field observations, and real-time data feeds to help growers manage their land more efficiently with GIS technology. Charlie Magruder, Agriculture Lead for Esri, explained some of the unique benefits that technology is offering growers. “What we …

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Paperwork Streamlining Solution from @CropTrak

Joanna Schroeder

Drowning in paperwork is not limited to corporate America. With ever growing regulations and a call for more transparency on food production from consumers, farmers are also on the verge of drowning in paperwork. But have no fear, Crop Trak is here with a solution to assist growers streamline paperwork and InfoAg attendees learned all about it in the presentation, …

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160 Drone Companies Set to Showcase at InterDrone

Jamie Johansen

BZ Media LLC unveiled the exhibition component of the industry’s largest dedicated commercial UAV show, InterDrone. More than 130 exhibitors have already signed up for the event taking place September 7-9 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. The exhibition will be paired with more than 120 sessions on all aspects of UAV design, piloting, regulations, and business management. Exhibitors …

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Precision Ag Awards Presented at #InfoAg16

Cindy Zimmerman

The PrecisionAg Institute was celebrating a decade of the PrecisionAg Awards of Excellence at this year’s InfoAg Conference in St. Louis. The winners each year have devoted their careers to the technology that improves crop production stewardship, agronomy, and efficiency and this year was no different. The 2016 Educator/Researcher of the Year is Dr. Brian Arnall, Associate Professor in the …

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AgGateway Advances Solutions for Data Management

Joanna Schroeder

Progress on the AgGateway consortium was delivered to attendees of InfoAg this week in St. Louis, Missouri. The non-profit was founded to address eConnectivity needs in agriculture as the industry develops and adopts more powerful tools to increase efficiency and productivity. One way this is being achieved is through data exchange. This year AgGateway announced new standards, models and other …

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Focus on Integration for @CropTrak at #InfoAg16

Cindy Zimmerman

Farm management information software company CropTrak had a lot to talk about at the InfoAg Conference this week in St. Louis. CropTrak’s Aaron Hutchinson says they’ve had a lot of focus on integration with other companies this year. “One of them is CDMS,” he said. “This year they allowed us access to their chemical, crop protection and nutrient libraries and …

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