Mechanical Egg Handler

Chuck Zimmerman

The Expos here in Atlanta are best described as co-located with a number of exhibitors who are here for both. I’m guessing they’re happy to only have to set up one time. That’s got to save money. Here’s an example of one of the many exhibits on display here. This one is from Diamond Systems and it handles eggs. I …

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Expos Underway

Chuck Zimmerman

The action is going hot and heavy here at the Poultry and Feed Expos. I’ve never attended this event and am just about ready to take cameras and recorders out for a stroll to see what I can find. The event runs through the next couple days and I’m planning on being here each day. See you soon.

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A Lesson in Press Treatment

Chuck Zimmerman

Hello from Atlanta and the International Poultry and Feed Expos. It took a while but I finally got in. I have to say I’ve never had a more unpleasant welcome than trying to get my badge here. When I got to the media room they didn’t have me on a list and wondered how I got in past security (they …

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Heading Down South

Chuck Zimmerman

It’s another travel day for the Zman. I’m heading down to Hotlanta for the International Poultry Expo which is also combined with the International Feed Expo. I should be in and out of there over the next several days and will be posting on various items I find of interest. I’ll be online at stops along the way so keep …