Hot Dogging It

Chuck Zimmerman

Joey ChestnutThis is too good to pass up. In qualifying for the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey Chestnut (pictured) downed 50 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes. This was last week at the Las Vegas qualifier. It is an American record. You can see a complete story on ESPN. Something I just learned in researching this story is that there is an organization called the International Federation of Competitive Eating. In regards to the Joey Chestnut record, IFOCE President Richard Shea said “This is the greatest thing to happen in the history of American sports. Joey Chestnut’s accomplishment may change the course of a nation.”


The Elegant Pork

Chuck Zimmerman

Taste of Elegance WinnerI am seriously amazed that I’ve been blogging on this business for more than a year now. I get reminders, like when I go to save an image and see last year’s in the folder. Like this story. And now we have a new winner this year:

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Nominate Your Favorite Red Meat Exec

Chuck Zimmerman

Knowlton AwardWho’s your favorite red meat industry executive? You might want to nominate him/her for the 8th annual Richard L. Knowlton Innovation Award. This award is given by Meatingplace and honors executives of the red meat industry who demonstrate exceptional business leadership, product or process innovation and overall exemplary corporate citizenship.

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Virtual Wine Exhibition

Chuck Zimmerman

IsrawinexpoThese virtual exhibitions are very cool. I just participated in one this past weekend. Here’s one you can really get your palate around. Although, sniffing the aroma after popping a cork might be a little challenging. And I’m not sure a virtual cabernet is as good as the real thing. But hey, check it out.

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