Propane Heat Remediation Ideal for Organic Farmers

Laura McNamara

Paul Funk’s heat defoliation of cotton isn’t the only way propane-generated heat is being used. Temp-Air scientist Raj Hulasare says propane heat remediation is an ideal solution for treating bins, silos, and other storage vessels for pests. He adds that propane heat remediation is a particularly viable option for certified organic farms, which are restricted from using many chemicals to …

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Pest Control with Propane

Laura McNamara

Several experts in the propane industry mentioned the innovative use of propane as an insecticide at the 2007 Propane Technology Forum, but Robert McGee with Texas A&M Agriculture Research is the expert whose presentation focused solely on propane’s capability to eliminate pests. In a brief interview, Robert and I reviewed the main idea of his presentation. You can listen to …

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Propane Heat Sanitizes

Laura McNamara

Raj Hulasare with Temp-Air introduced the application of propane heat remediation at the 2007 Propane Technology Forum and Scientist Terry Smith with Mississippi State University has applied that concept to his research in dairy sanitation. Terry and I discussed how propane heat sanitation offers dairy producers a chemical-free option when maintaining the health of their dairy cows. You can listen …

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Talking Propane

Laura McNamara

The Propane Technology Forum is underway here in Austin, TX. About 100 propane industry experts are on hand sharing ideas about the future of liquid petroleum gas. Industry leaders from across the U.S. are collaborating with other international experts from Mexico and France, focusing on the future of propane growth, marketing and innovation. It’s early in the day, but the …

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Environmental Defense Ruminates on Farm Policy

Chuck Zimmerman

The Environmental Defense group now has a farm policy blog called “The Ruminant.” It’s written by Scott Faber who manages the Healthy Farms, Healthy Food Campaign for Environmental Defense. The slogan for the site is “A daily update on the debates shaping the 2007 Farm Bill.” Thanks to Meg Little for bringing it to my attention. They also have a …

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Live Earth Concert

Chuck Zimmerman

I really don’t think you need to have a “crisis” or even a cause as an excuse to hold a bunch of concerts do you? I just noticed an announcement about Live Earth. It’s supposed to be 7 concerts on one day on 7 continents. I’m betting there will even be some good music in all this. I don’t know …