FMC Partners with John Deere Financial

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Adam Prestegord is an oilseed and cereals crop segment manager for FMC who has recently partnered with John Deere Financial to offer several offers for growers to finance key crop inputs. I learned more about this initiative from Prestegord during the 2014 Farm Progress Show held in Boone, Iowa. FMC was a sponsor of our coverage of the event. “We’ve …

Agribusiness, Audio, Crop Protection, Farm Progress Show, FMC Joanna SchroederFMC Partners with John Deere Financial

FMC Capture LFR & the Zone of Protection

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It’s time to talk about the Zone of Protection offered by FMC’s Capture LFR Insecticide. I first heard this term from Gail Stratman, the Midwest technical sales lead for FMC who spoke with Cindy this week. FMC was one of our sponsors for the 2014 Farm Progress Show. Capture LFR is an insecticide that is specifically designed to combine, or …

Agribusiness, Audio, Crop Protection, FMC, Insecticides Joanna SchroederFMC Capture LFR & the Zone of Protection

FMC Solstice Herbicide for Corn

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There is a product that has been getting great interest this year and that is FMC’s Solstice Herbicide for corn. While FMC is not onsite in Boone, IA this year, the company helped sponsor coverage of Farm Progress 2014. To learn more about Solstice, I turned to Gail Stratman, FMC Midwest technical sales lead who explained how the product works …

Agribusiness, Audio, Crop Protection, Farm Progress Show, FMC, Herbicide Joanna SchroederFMC Solstice Herbicide for Corn

BASF Helping Fight Corn Leaf Blight

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Northern corn leaf blight (NCLB) has been reported in numerous fields across the U.S. Corn Belt. If the disease isn’t controlled, it will continue to spread and decrease corn crop yields. AJ Woodyard, BASF Technical Crop Production Specialist, says conditions have been perfect this summer for NCLB. “It’s actually a disease that enjoys cooler temperatures,” Woodyard said. “It also likes …

Audio, BASF, Corn, Crop Protection Leah GuffeyBASF Helping Fight Corn Leaf Blight

Winning Seasons with BASF Headline AMP

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Growers across the country have experienced the many ways BASF Headline AMP® fungicide has a positive impact on their corn crops during the season. In addition to managing disease pressures throughout corn fields, proactive use of Headline AMP fungicide provides Plant Health benefits including growth efficiency and stress tolerance which can help increase stalk strength and reduce lodging, leading to …

BASF, Corn, Crop Protection, Harvest Cindy ZimmermanWinning Seasons with BASF Headline AMP

Updates on BASF Headline AMP and Priaxor

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In the last, but certainly not least, category – we have BASF Technical Marketing Specialist and Doctor of Plant Medicine Brianne Reeves. Brianne is my last post from the BASF 2014 Ag Media Summit, but she is never least! At the media event, Brianne talked about in-furrow and foliar applications of BASF fungicides, including Headline AMP on corn and Priaxor …

Audio, BASF, Corn, Crop Protection, Soybean Cindy ZimmermanUpdates on BASF Headline AMP and Priaxor

BASF Merivon Fungicide for Specialty Crops

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We learned more about BASF Merivon® fungicide at the company’s recent media event from Scott Walker, biology project leader. “We have gotten federal registration for expansion of Merivon on specialty crops,” Walker told us during a stop on the tour of the BASF research farm in North Carolina. “It includes strawberries, fruit and tree nuts, leafy vegetables like lettuce and …

Audio, BASF, Crop Protection, specialty crops Cindy ZimmermanBASF Merivon Fungicide for Specialty Crops

BASF Nealta® Fights Mites

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BASF Nealta® miticide just received unconditional registration from the EPA last month so it was in the spotlight during the company’s recent media event. “We’re really excited to bring Nealta to the marketplace this year,” says product manager Doug Haller. “Currently we have 32 state registrations and we’re getting more and more each day.” The miticide is labeled for use …

Audio, BASF, Crop Protection Cindy ZimmermanBASF Nealta® Fights Mites

BASF Announces Summer Training Series

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BASF Ag Products is planning what is expected to be the largest training effort in the company’s history for this summer, reaching 24 states and focusing on weed management, application best practices and overall stewardship of BASF herbicides. “We are committed to ensuring growers’ success with new technologies,” said Luke Bozeman, Technical Market Manager, Herbicides, BASF. “The more knowledgeable growers …

Agribusiness, Audio, BASF, Crop Protection Cindy ZimmermanBASF Announces Summer Training Series

BASF and Functional Crop Care

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Functional Crop Care is the newest division of the BASF agricultural business, broadening what it means for the company to protect crops and help farmers get the most out of every acre. BASF Functional Crop Care Senior VP Dr. Jürgen Huff says the division addresses additional needs beyond conventional crop protection. “Functional Crop Care consists of three segments: soil management, …

Audio, BASF, Crop Protection, Seed, Video Cindy ZimmermanBASF and Functional Crop Care