FMC Offers Solution for Texas Cotton Root Rot

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Texas Cotton Root Rot is exactly what it says it is – it’s almost exclusively found in Texas, and it causes cotton roots to rot. Within two weeks of the first symptoms the plant dies and the farmer loses his crop. But FMC Topguard Terra is helping growers in Texas win the battle against cotton root rot and retail market …

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Stoneville Legacy Club Welcomes New Growers

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Cotton growers from the Southeast, Delta and South Texas regions were honored last week for their high yields at the annual Stoneville® Legacy Club™ celebration held in Destin, Florida. The club, now in its third year, recognizes cotton growers for their advanced knowledge and skill used to maximize their yield and profit potential, as well as produce high-quality fiber. Twenty …

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Congressmen Visit Farm and Gin Show

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Two U.S. Congressmen from cotton growing areas visited the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show on Friday to meet with constituents and show their appreciation for the farmers in their districts. Rep. David Kustoff is a Republican from the 8th district of Tennessee, which includes Memphis where the show has been held for 67 years and much of the western part …

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National Cotton Council Announces Leaders, Intentions

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The National Cotton Council (NCC) named its leaders for 2019 and also shared planting intentions for the coming growing season at the group’s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas. The group announced results of its 38th Annual Early Season Planting Intentions Survey, which show that U.S. cotton producers intend to plant 14.5 million cotton acres this spring. That number is …

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Regional Breakouts Give Growers More Information

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Growers at the 2019 BASF APT (Agronomic Performance Trials) Summit welcomed an opportunity to hear about trial results from across their region, and not just the ones on their individual farms. BASF Regional Agronomist Dr. Craig Bednarz presented in one of the regional breakout sessions with growers. “With each of the growers that we work with every year, we share …

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New Cotton Varieties on the Horizon

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Cotton growers are looking forward to some new varieties coming in the near future, including the transition to a brand new chemistry not currently used in cotton. “It’s huge, because it brings forward a new tool for them to use in their program right now that they don’t currently have,” said Dr. Fred Moore, BASF Principal Trait Development Manager for …

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On-Farm Data Key to Developing New Cotton Varieties

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BASF cotton breeders are excited about launching new product innovations that will continue to help growers. Dr. Cory Mills works out of a state of the art facility in Lubbock, Texas, where his breeding group uses molecular tools to help select traits farmers need to grow better cotton crops. Mills, who was at the 2019 BASF APT Summit, spoke highly …

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BASF Expanding Cotton Weed Control Choices

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Weed control was among topics discussed at the 2019 BASF APT Summit in New Orleans. BASF Technical Service Representative Alvin Rhodes presented an overview of current crop protection products available to cotton growers. “Well, we at BASF are, of course, very excited that now we have such a broad list of products that we can help the cotton farmer with,” …

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BASF Presents Cotton Research Award

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Dr. Gaylon Morgan of Texas A&M University received the Outstanding Career Research for Cotton Agronomy Award at the 2019 Beltwide Cotton Conference. Morgan said he was honored by the recognition. “Everything that we do within my program, the end goal is to improve things for the farmer,” he said. “A lot of that is working with allied industry to bring …

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