Broadhead+Co Is The “Un-big” Agency

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast56-Janet KellerHere’s a special ZimmCast for you from Broadhead+Co. After a meeting with Dean Broadhead and his staff I interviewed him about his agency and why he’s positioning it as “focused on the business and life of rural America.” The agency is almost 5 years old now. Dean also talks about strategies he believes work to reach rural America and the agricultural audience. He still believes advertising is important and is very open to new media options.

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Willie & Annie Nelson Support Farmers

Chuck Zimmerman

Chuck & WillieIt took most of the day to get a personal interview with Willie but I got ‘er done. Ask NBB Board member Greg Anderson how difficult it was. Let’s just say they weren’t letting the media do one-on-one’s but where there’s a will there’s an agriblogger.

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