Down On The Swiss Family Farm

Chuck Zimmerman

IFAJ-55The farm where we ate lunch on the final day of the IFAJ Congress is owned by Fritz and Maria Santschi-Schiefer in Sigriswil. I interviewed Maria and her daughter Martina who talked about their family farm operation and the challenges they face.

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Senate Ag Committee High Tech Press Conference

Chuck Zimmerman

Saxby ChamblissThis morning Senate Ag Committee Chairman Saxby Chambliss, with the help of his very capable communications director, Keith Williams, held a technologically advanced press conference with farm reporters. Using a chat room for reporters to sign on and ask questions and a live internet audio feed, Senator Chambliss addressed a number of questions related to congressional activities in light of the hurricane disaster.

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What Do Swiss Non-Ag Journalists Think

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 32 - Claudia WirzFor this week’s ZimmCast I interviewed Claudia Wirz, Neue Zuericher Zeitung, a journalist who covers ag stories for her publication. Claudia spoke at the IFAJ Congress yesterday about “The Media and Agriculture.” She was on the program right after Marcus Rediger and makes a comment in the interview about the consumer campaign that his organization conducts. Claudia was able to offer the group a very different perspective and one I think we needed to hear.

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