Alltech ONE July Virtual Experience Session – Ag-Tech

Chuck Zimmerman

Alltech Virtual Experience - AgTech SessionThis month the Alltech ONE Virtual Experience focuses on the topic of Ag-Tech. To preview the program I spoke with Robbie Walker, European Growth Officer at Alltech and CEO of KEENAN.

Sessions include: The Ag-Tech Effect: Turning Ideas Into Reality; Tech for Tomorrow: Sustainable Ag-Tech; Farming the Future: The Alltech 2020 Ag-Tech Insights Report; Planet of Plenty Award Presentation; Accelerating Innovation and a closing panel discussion on Ag-Tech’s Impact on the Agri-Food Supply Chain. The Alltech 2020 Ag-Tech Insights Report includes key findings of an in-depth analysis of more than 1,600 ag-tech startups from more than 35 sectors.

Resilience and efficiency within the global food supply chain have never been more crucial. How will technology shape the future of our industry and our ability to feed the world? Join us for a look at the next era of agriculture through the lens of ag-tech.

In you have registered previously then you have access to this fresh batch of presentations. If you have not registered you can still do so on the Alltech ONE website.

You can listen to my conversation with Robbie here: Interview with Robbie Walker, Alltech

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