Sonny and Zippy Debut Podcasts

Cindy Zimmerman

Fellow agricultural leaders from Georgia both introduced new podcasts this week.

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue introduced “The Sonnyside of the Farm,” a monthly podcast with new editions every first Friday of the month.

Born and raised on a family farm in middle Georgia, Secretary Perdue is an agriculturalist through and through – having worked as a veterinarian, owning his own grain business, serving as Governor of Georgia and now serving as a member of President Trump’s cabinet as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. He’ll be talking to everyone – from Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Farm Bureau President Zippy Duval, Farm Broadcaster Max Armstrong and so many others – about the issues facing America’s farmers, ranchers, producers and foresters today.

Listen to Sonnyside of the Farm on SoundCloud

Meanwhile, American Farm Bureau Federation president Zippy Duvall kicked off his new podcast “Farmside Chat” earlier this week and the inaugural episode features his friend Secretary Sonny.

Farmside Chat will take a closer look at modern farming in America, explore the latest agricultural innovations and bring listeners right alongside the people who are growing our food, fuel and fiber. On this monthly podcast, AFBF President Duvall will chat with farmers, leaders, and lawmakers around the country about what goes into growing a safe and sustainable food supply.

Listen to Farmside Chat on SoundCloud

We are happy to welcome Sonny and Zippy to the world of farmpodcasting, something we have been doing since 2005!

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