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Joanna Schroeder

Drowning in paperwork is not limited to corporate America. With ever growing regulations and a call for more transparency on food production from consumers, farmers are also on the verge of drowning in paperwork. But have no fear, Crop Trak is here with a solution to assist growers streamline paperwork and InfoAg attendees learned all about it in the presentation, “When Did Farming Become Paper Pushing,” presented by Jonathan Sherrill with Crop Trak during the show this week in St. Louis, Missouri. Kelly Marshall had the opportunity to sit down with Sherrill following his presentation and talk about how to get rid of paperwork.

infoag-16-croptrak-sherrillSherrill mentioned that paperwork is not something anyone gets excited about. He said that reality is it’s a common problem for everyone regardless of the size of the operation, the crop or crops they are growing, and he said it’s just becoming worse.

Some of this paperwork, said Sherrill, is being driven by consumers who have become much more conscious about where their food comes from. They want to know what inputs and technologies are being used and if the grower is producing the crop in a sustainable manner. This, said Sherrill, is driving companies to become more transparent. “Consumers are expecting companies to be more transparent about their suppliers, sustainability. They want traceability on where the food comes from. And it’s not just limited to food; it’s feed, it’s fiber and it’s fuel as well.

Sherrill added that the last thing farmers want to do is be in the office doing paperwork – they want to be in the field farming, and there must be a middle ground. Crop Trak is helping growers by taking post-it notes and notes from the field to electronic records.

Learn more about how to streamline your operation’s paperwork by listening to Kelly’s interview with Sherrill here: Interview with Jonathan Sherrill, Crop Trak

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