DuPont to Sponsor Agribusiness & Food World Forum

Jamie Johansen

ifamaThe International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) and the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) are jointly presenting the 2014 Agribusiness & Food World Forum in South Africa. The Forum will address the region’s enormous growth potential, which includes expanding the agribusiness industry.

Thad Simons, President of IFAMA, said “People feed the world and, as agribusiness leaders, it is our responsibility to develop future generations of talent passionate about creating and implementing solutions that will ensure we can overcome the food security challenges in Africa and beyond. We believe that partnerships made through the World Forum. Today we are delighted to announce DuPont Pioneer as a premier supporter of the World Forum.”

The overarching framework for the Forum is People Feed the World, a view that aligns closely with DuPont’s commitment to food security. DuPont is helping to further critical collaborations with businesses, non-profit organizations and academics. The engagement of the next generation of agribusiness innovators from around the globe – through the participation of student leaders attending the Forum – is another priority for DuPont.

Stephen Hayes, President and CEO of CCA, said “The World Forum would not be possible without the support of companies such as DuPont. As Forum organizers, we are grateful to our friends at DuPont for their ongoing role in accelerating progress, not only at our Forum, but also through their local and global impact on food and nutrition security, each and every day.”

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