Protecting Wheat in 2013

Jamie Johansen

classic-13-jamie-94-editedBASF brought out all the stops when it came to educating attendees at this year’s Commodity Classic. Whether growers had questions about herbicides, fungicides or simply wanted to hear the latest research, experts were on hand to give answers.

I chatted with Dr. Brianne Reeves, Technical Marketing Specialist with the BASF’s Plant Health Fungicide group. Wheat was the main topic we covered and she shared what products BASF offers farmers to protect their crop. She also shared what growers might expect when it comes to diseases in the 2013 growing season and what is in the research stages at BASF.

“We are actually seeing a mild winter in the south and generally all the rust starts in the south and then they go up in the ‘Rust Pathway.’ They go up in the wind and they move north. The leaf rust and stripe rust could possibly be bad again this year because we have had a mild winter. Having Twinline in that portfolio at flag leaf is a really good tool to have to protect your wheat crop.”

“We have with Priaxor fungicide our newest innovation into the row crop market. We are doing some research on that product to show the increased root growth, increased photosynthesis and increased plant health Priaxor is actually bringing to the wheat market.”

Listen to my interview with Brianne from here: Interview with Brianne Reeves

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