Should We Be Friends With HSUS?

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Our latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “What do you think is top story of 2012?”

Our poll results: It looks like the majority of you at fifty-seven percent felt like “The Drought” was the top story for 2012. “No Farm Bill” came in at fourteen percent and ten percent said “USDA Meatless Monday Uproar”.


Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “Should we sit down with HSUS in “common cause?” Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s comments at the AFBF annual meeting this week about sitting down in common cause have attracted a number of comments here and on social networks. So we thought this week’s poll might produce some interesting feedback. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Jason W

    HSUS will never rest until it pushes everyone of it’s political agendas, If you sit down with them don’t be shocked when they stick a knife in your back. The organisation is No good for animals, NO good for anything. All it is is a money hog that uses money to push itself on Washington and does absolutely NOTHING for pets. If you own a dog, cat, parakeet, snake or even a gold fish HSUS WILL be comign after you. Mark my words, we have already been through it.

  2. Jim Demoruelle

    Most agreement requires give and take from all parties. In my experience watching the H$U$ destroy the traditional animal use practices in this country for the past fifty years, I can assure you that the H$U$ will not give you anything that you do not already have but will take something from you the animal user. They shoot for the moon but settle for Wake Island, then it starts all over again for perhaps another island but by then you are so weary of the insanity you throw up your hands and give them the whole Ag. Industry.. Ie. the egg industry association and its agreement to get all egg producers to change cage sizes. Every thing will cost the animal user but nothing will cost the H$U$. The H$U$ and the other animal rights groups, and they are all interlinked, destroy using your money and your work.

  3. John

    The animal rights and Humane movement is predicated on ‘never ending creation and implimentation of laws put upon Humans’ The animal laws as they are are already are sufficient and in cases far too imposing on animal owners.

    What YOU must realize is the HSUS in particular is nothing more then a political arm that exploits people who are metropolitian and have no idea about where their food comes from. The purpose of the HSUS is purely personal private gluttony and greed. There will never be a point in time when the HSUS say’s ‘all is well’ because they cannot keep their leaders in their fancy offices, huge salaries, leather chairs, and expensive cars.
    HSUS has pleaded guilty to fraud for paying a man to terrify baby bears out of season to create a propaganda film. HSUS comes into a state of emergency and claims they are there to help the animals and defrauds the local hands on organizations out of money to really help that specific situation and HSUS diverts the funds to their home offices to use against us in political attacks.
    Did you know the past president of the HSUS actually kept a pension far greater then the amount the Incoming President got in wages. They work like the Soprano’s.
    They will lie and cozy up to any weak individual learn all they can in the guise of friendship and later use what they have learned to ‘create’ another cause to advertise and raise funds to support the issue.
    The HSUS is primarily about personal power and greed and having created all the protection laws this or any nation needs and a few to spare, they should be seen as an irrevelant part of the past and treated as such.
    HSUS is a totally useless organization that has never benefited a human being, a nation, but has imposed it’s will on many humans and is ‘dedicated’ to destroying individuals rights to run their own affairs in the persuit of life, liberty, and the persit of happiness.
    As we change into an urban society, city folks will have votes to control things they don’t even understand and impose frivilious law upon those who actually produce their food and make is impracticle to continue the family farm.

  4. B.L. Cozad Jr

    The HSUS is one of the Non-Government organizations pushing the UN Agenda 21 plan to destroy our rural animal agriculture industries and achieve the founder of agenda 21 and HSUS senior board member/advisor Maurice Strong’s stated goal “to cause the collapse of America”.

    The HSUS has trained their personnel to use the delphi technique to involve you in a discussion that they will use to guide into arriving at their predetermined destination which is meant to deprive you of more of your God-given constitutionally protected unalienable rights.

    Now this that our God given constitutionally protected unalienable rights cannot be taken from us using the excuse that the government’s duty is to defend livestock from the farmers and ranchers that own the livestock.

    I have compiled Federal and US Supreme Court rulings that prove the Animal Welfare Act and all animal protection laws are unconstitutional as they attempt to move, nature, animals, fish and fowl above human lives all in accordance with the UN Agenda 21 plan.

    If you are not aware of UN Agenda 21 then please look it up online, there are many utube videos that expose this agenda as the greatest threat facing America today.

    The UN Small Arms Treaty and disarming Americans is only one portion of the agenda 21 plan. Our federal government is attempting to push gun control through right now.

    UN Codex Alimentarius and taking control of America’s food supply is another portion of the agenda 21 plan which was enacted in the USA on 31 Dec 2009.

    1. B.L. Cozad Jr

      There is absolutely no need to discuss animal care with the HSUS, the opinion of the animal rights extremist does NOT supersede my god-given, constitutionally protected unalienable rights. These animal rights extremists depend on engaging you in a discussion in order to guide you into agreeing to compromise away your rights over livestock you own. Thereby giving these animal rights extremist control over your property.

      There is no discussion necessary I own my livestock, my livestock is my property and I have dominion over my livestock and all inherent property rights that come with ownership of my property (livestock) to use (harvest) them for my economic benefit and personal gain.

  5. Mark Starr

    Would you sit down with criminals?
    Tell the public about how THEIR donations are paying for HSUS defense attorneys to combat the RACKETEERING CHARGES they are now fighting in court. Tell the public how HSUS tricks them into sending them money to supposedly help neglected animals, but instead it goes to pay their own pension plans, court battles most recently involving racketeering charges, and the lobbiest to get laws passed that will eventually ban all your food and companion animals (pets)!
    Once the public is educated on the real agendas of HSUS, THEN and only then can they make an educated decision!
    Don’t be fooled by their advertisements showing you sad little animals who need your help, when NONE of the money you send goes to help those animals. Bottom line is, HSUS will deceive you in any manner they can.

    Check out for the truth about HSUS!
    Take a look at their Tax Returns for the past 10 years! You will be shocked to find that they spent less than ½ of 1% of the hundreds of millions of dollars they took in to help animals of any kind.
    Ban HSUS from your state, before it’s too late!
    Only sheep will blindly follow HSUS, to the chopping block! Don’t be sheep! Send your money, to YOUR LOCAL SHELTERS!

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