Should We Sit Down with HSUS in Common Cause

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Ag Sec VilsackMany eyebrows were raised during Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s speech at the AFBF convention yesterday. It was really a stand out moment in an otherwise pretty good speech and I wonder what you think about it. The photo is from his press conference following the closing session.

Sec. Vilsack was talking about creating strategic alliances and reaching out to groups that we may not agree with. He used several examples. But this is the one that stood out.

And frankly those who are engaged in constructive engagement They shouldn’t be faulted for doing so. Now I know that there are not too many fans of the Humane Society in this room. But egg producers thought it was in their best interest to avoid fifty different referendums, fifty different sets of rules. So they sat down with folks and they reached common ground. After all, isn’t that what we’re asking our Congress to do? Isn’t that what we’re asking our political leaders to do? To sit down and make common cause? I think the egg producers have the right idea. Now, the issues may be different for different types of producers. But we need to be constructively engaged at all times and conversations. We may not find agreement. But I think we will substantially reduce those who oppose farming and substantially reduce the reach of those and hopefully be able to get enough proactive activity that results in a five year bill.

I can’t agree with him on this. My reason is that when it comes to an organization like the HSUS which has a well known desire to end animal agriculture there is no “common cause.” I see efforts to do so as admitting defeat and just hoping to buy some time before losing the game. And we’re not talking about a game. We’re talking about people’s livelihoods and one of the most promising and productive sources of food to feed a growing population.

So, what do you think Sec. Vilsack meant by using this example and stating that he thought it was a good idea? Is it a portent of things to come? Should we expect to see our USDA sitting down with HSUS in common cause?

You can listen to Sec. Vilsack’s remark here: Sec. Vilsack Remark on HSUS

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    1. Afton Simons

      I couldn’t agree more, just who is the money grubbing H$U$ to dictate U.S. policy?
      The following are direct quotes.
      “My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.” –HSUS Director of Animal Cruelty Policy John “J.P.” Goodwin
      “Nothing is more important than promoting veganism.” HSUS senior campaigner Paul Shapiro, at the 2004 National Student Animal Rights Conference
      “Eating meat causes animal cruelty.” – HSUS senior campaigner Paul Shapiro, in a 2003 speech
      Nope, no agenda there. Wake up people they (H$U$) are not the fine people you think they are.

  1. M Covault

    This is of great concern. We KNOW that the H$U$ has infiltrated the USDA/APHIS (e.g., Sarah Conant with APHIS enforcement, formerly H$U$ attorney) and is *using* government agencies to GET animal industries. Vilsack thinks animal enterprises should find common ground with the H$U$? There is none, and it’s downright treasonous to U.S. animal farmers to even suggest it! There is only incrementally “moving the middle” toward the H$U$ goal of undermining animal industries as much as society will allow. With the H$U$ under RICO investigation (and with several other lawsuits against them), how can Vilsack suggest that *law-abiding* animal enterprises sit down with this “animal rights”-led group? That is insanity and would eventually be suicide for animal farmers. Give an inch now, give a foot in a year or two, and within a decade or so, animal enterprises won’t be able to stay in business. Of course, that’s the end game for the vegan-led “animal rights” industries like H$U$!

  2. Laura McFarland-Taylor

    No, no, NO. H$U$ has a clear agenda – end of animal agriculture, pet ownership, any relationship between humans and animals.

    But should we really be surprised that Secretary Vilsack says otherwise? Remind me again how much money H$U$ gave to his wife’s failure of a campaign?

    1. Laura McFarland-Taylor

      No – that is the agenda of H$U$. No “use” of animals, period. Not as food, not as companions, not as service animals, nada.

  3. Terry Ward

    Less than 1% of people in this country are ‘vegans’.
    This number has remained relatively unchanged for nearly 50 years.

    There is not one single facet of our society today that does not utilize ‘animal agriculture’ in some way.
    Animal agriculture is a multi-gazillion dollar multinational entity entwined into every single thing we do, unless you live under a rock and eat mud..

    And yet this……person persists in this absurd mantra of ‘the elimination of agriculture.
    How is it possible that so many people slept through economics class.
    I despair of our educational system.

    1. Jackson

      Hi Terry I was just thinking about you the other day. (portion of comment edited out by publisher for not conforming to our guidelines)

      Just to make a point, why would the Sec. of Agriculture associate with people under prosecution of RICO charges, perhaps he is a crook as well?

  4. KRL

    Don’t forget that HSUS gave over $70,000 to help Vilsack’s wife in her senatorial run in IOWA. Fortunately, the people of IA weren’t dumb enough to elect her. Wow!! Confict of interest between HSUS and Dept of Ag or just flat willing to be paid off???? Vilsack is a pathetic Sec of Ag and is working so hard to suck up to Obama that he is killing all of food production in the US. If he wants to get his food from Mexico, let him but the rest of us want American grown!!

  5. Walt_Hutchens

    Animal agriculture — even hobby dog breeders like my wife and I — has nothing to talk about with HSUS since all they’ll discuss is how much we give up. And if you do talk to them you’ll find your conversation cited in ways that imply you supported what they’re pushing; you will never catch up to that lie.

    Secretary Vilsack should be an embarassment: In APHIS Docket 2011-0003 he proposed to bring most U.S. pet sales under federal regulation but the cost analysis covered only the few hundred breeders who might choose to become licensed, ignoring the costs to hundreds of thousands of other sellers who would need to change their practices to avoid being in violation.

    When this was pointed out, APHIS spokespersons switched to a mixture of lying about the content of the proposed regulation and statements amounting to “But we would only target the bad guys.” It was an unbelievable experience and we don’t yet know if there will be a final regulation or if there is, what it will say.

    Animal rights supporters do not care that animal ag is a gazillion dollar industry: The followers are mostly young women who fall along the axis from stupid to ignorant and know zero about animals. The higher ups divide between those who make a very good living promoting bad regulation and human-hating fanatics. So far, they are winning.

    You KNOW people who donate to HSUS because “They do so much for the animals.” Those dollars, however, pay lobbyists and lawyers to promote more anti-animal use regulation, with under five cents going to actually help animals. They won’t make America a vegan nation but they can gravely damage our farms, drive much animal production offshore, and dramatically raise the cost of animal foods and other products.

    If you (dear reader) aren’t familiar with the HSUS play for shelled egg production starting with California’s Prop. 2 of a few years back, study it. That’ll give you the flavor. The same is coming to all areas of animal production.

    The problems of animal agriculture and American use of animals caused by animal rights supporters in the Obama administration have only begun. I hope that blogs like this will help alert the community to the danger.

  6. elaine hanson

    @ Vilsack:… egg producers…sat down with folks and they reached common ground. After all, isn’t that what we’re asking our Congress to do? Isn’t that what we’re asking our political leaders to do?
    COMMENT: No, egg producers didn’t sit down with “folks.” They got in bed with the slickest, best-funded anti-animal propaganda machine the nation has ever seen and gave them exactly what they wanted, And No, that isn’t what rational people want the Congress and our political leaders to do. We want them to do what’s best for the nation, not pander to a special interest group that will use any means to justify the end it seeks.

    @ Covault: … There is only incrementally “moving the middle” toward the H$U$ goal of undermining animal industries as much as society will allow…
    COMMENT: I don’t think we should view HSUS’s gains as “what the public will allow.” The public is bamboozled by the glittery wrappings in which HSUS packages its vision of a “better world” where we all do our duty to “protect the animals” at the expense of human society.

    Vilsack is deeply in league with HSUS – witness USDA/APHIS’s promulgation of a rule that would place under federal regulation nearly everyone who sells a puppy to a person who has not seen it on the breeder’s premises; and everyone who sells a dog they bought for their own use but have decided not to keep. USDA has admitted this rule was developed in response to pressure from HSUS, not a hue and cry from the public or from people knowledgeable about breeding dogs.

    Vilsack isn’t really suggesting that those engaged in legitimate animal interests and enterprises “find common cause” with HSUS. He is telling us he is all right with HSUS pulling his strings and believes they should be able to determine how government will operate in order to assure the “protection of the animals.”

  7. Katie

    “But egg producers thought it was in their best interest to avoid fifty different referendums,…”

    And Vilsack doesn’t see a MAJOR problem with a “non-profit” (I say that loosely) who illegally lobbies and influences state and federal legislation to the degree that HSUS does???! 50 different referendums, eh? Seems like that way crosses the line of what any non-profit is allowed to do in the legislation arena according to IRS tax law. And considering that there are only a handful of states that allow for ballot measures and referendums, I think Vilsack is counting his and HSUS’s chickens before they hatch (no pun intended). Since non-profits pay no taxes on their millions, they are not permitted to influence legislation to any great degree. That rule is there for a reason, and that reason is EXACTLY what is happening with these HUGE mega million animal rights groups. They have no legal business or basis in influencing any kind of legislation in any arena! Vilsack should be ashamed of himself, but we all know that he and his wife are in bed with HSUS. I consider it a major conflict of interest for him to be trying to force HSUS on the ag industry considering how much money HSUS poured into his wife’s campaign. He’s a disgrace and a fraud, no different than HSUS. I really hope that the ag industry holds their course and does not allow him to strong arm them into inviting the snake into the pit with them.

  8. kaylor

    I think the egg producers have recognized their err in talking to these people. I think they will be working to correct that erroor.

  9. elvbend

    When H$U$ tried to infiltrate the Illinois legal system regarding dog breeders, a task force was created consisting of breeders, ASPCA members, H$U$ representatives, and shelter representatives. While the dog breeders were willing to discuss and try to come to this mythical “common ground,” Jordan Matyas of H$U$ would not budge and even asked for more than what the proposed legislation had intended. The task force stalled because of H$U$. There IS no common ground. Fortunately the proposed legislation also stalled. For now. The monster will return to our state, I’m sure.

  10. Gaylen Meiburg

    Avoiding 50 different referendums, and 50 different sets of rules by agreeing to partner with HSUS is complete baloney. If our Founding Fathers had used this rationale, we’d still be under the queen’s rule. Being able to disagree and fight for what you believe in is what made this country the great place that it is. Having to make deals with people just to avoid litigation tells me that we need 2 things: more principles and less lawyers. Fight HSUS to your last dollar and breath. We cannot make deals with people like that. That sort of thinking got us a congress that can’t pass a budget and stop spending and a president who fixes any dispute with conservatives by Executive Order. I also thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists, has anybody checked into HSUS’s history?

  11. Scott Heiberger

    OK, maybe the line has to be drawn at HSUS. But I’d urge folks not to discount Vilsack’s greater point, that if the ag community digs in and adopts a bunker mentality it will, due to its smaller population, be encircled by hostile forces and chipped away at. Ag has to stay on the move with new alliances and dialog so that it doesn’t get trapped. We’ve seen what happens to hardline unions that merely hang on tightly to everything they’ve gained rather than adapt to new realities. That’s proably why Hostess just went under,

  12. Mike Haley

    Like it or not politics is a game. We can either choose not to play it, play fair or play dirty. Our adversaries choose to play dirty… If we sit on the sidelines and do nothing we suffer the consequences.

    That said I have been bordering Bugs Bunny’s statement since I was a kid. “If you can’t beat them join them” – I can see the thought behind this, but as you say in many ways it is admitting defeat.

  13. Bill Hemby

    You never meet with the opposition unless you are coming from a position of strength. Right now, the dog community is still weak, disorganized and dysfunctional. Until we are able to create a national dog owner association supported by breeders, handlers, owners, pure bred and non pure bred dog people we can only fight HSUS, ASPCA, PETA and other AR’s locally.

    1. Jackson

      What is it going to take for people to stand up and attack? 200,000 dead dogs in Missouri, 350,000 dead dogs in PA, the loss of the right to even sell a puppy in the state of Texas. Attacks on breeders from every goof ball seems ok. and Now the Sec Ag is suggesting some form of compromise with the devil himself. That Ladies and Gentlemen is BS.

      Like Seal Team Six members said “We don’t go there to talk” we need to adopt a little Seal Team thinking.

      Time to organize and time to attack our opposition, demonstrate, in front of every USDA office in the United States, Pick every Human Society, after all they kill thusands of animals every day..Stop the slaughter! Cal radio shows be active and fight back.

      Don’t be nice they are kiling our animals everyday.. We can do better as a nation our dogs deserve better and so do you.

      I think it’s time for Tommy to go home, how much money has his family received from the HSUS that we know about? It has been reported $ 70,000 really so that is how much a Sec. of Agriculture costs, Hey Tommy will you act right if we give you lets say $ 75,000?

      Just wondering Time for Tommy to go…

  14. Post

    I appreciate the comments coming in on this. However, I’ve had to delete a few because they need to be on the subject and contain no profanity. Additionally, if after having one approved comment we receive additional ones from same person that repeat the same message then we will not publish them.

  15. Pro Farmer

    Sadly when it comes to the animal rights movement (not to be confused with animal welfare) the standard rules of engagment espoused by Sec. Vislack simply don’t apply. The current egg example is a case in point. While HSUS and UEP work toward a national law based on a national standard we know that: 1) It comes too late for California which must implement their egg housing legislation well ahead of the dates proposed under HR 3798 2) While HSUS and UEP lobby for passage in Congress, HSUS is energetically and methodically lobbying for State bans of ALL laying cages– even the colony cages proposed under the HSUS-UEP agreement . New Jersey being the most recent State to approve such a ban. 3) Most of all, that the whole exercise is being used by activists to pillory other segments of agriculture for not negotiating with activists for similar legislation. Mr.Vislack may be well intentioned, but he is niave.

    1. Terry Ward

      Amazing, no comments from the public..
      I seem to be the only one that bothers.
      Speaking to the choir is no doubt comforting, and you can continue with the
      ‘elimination of agriculture’ nonsense.
      Or you may re-assure each other that ‘vegans’ are responsible for all your woes.
      You may also continue to believe, most insultingly, that anyone who questions certain agricultural practices ‘has never visited’ a farm’ and ‘does not know where their food comes from.
      You continue to accuse anyone who disagrees with you that by doing so we ‘believe all farmers are bad’ and what we want is to ‘turn back the clock’ to our grandparent’s farm.
      You have been saying all this for years.
      You do not seem to see that it is not working.
      It is, in fact, accomplishing the opposite.
      It is making people trust you less, not more.
      Do you think the consumer WANTS to mistrust their food source?
      Whomever taught you and encouraged you to say and believe this nonsense
      did you all a terrible disservice.
      Millions of dollars spent whacking the Humane Society and what to show for it?
      “More people turned to HSUS and PETA for animal welfare information about your industry than all pork industry groups, government agencies and scientific sources combined”

      How’s that workin’ for ya?

        1. Walt

          When you get all these regulations on the farmer, are you going to pay more for those eggs from the United States or buy the cheaper eggs from Mexico?

  16. Axel

    I’m trying to understand why anytime Animal owners groups, don’t get thier way, they blame it on animal rights groups. They make the most outragous allegations against HSUS and other organizations, who are only asking for animals be treated humanely. The HSUS exposes animal cruelty through investgations, with facts to back them up. For example the Jackie Mcconnell video, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders, Exhibitors Association, would have you believe they’ve cleaned up the industry. In 2012 over 2,604 Horse Protection Act violations were documented.

    Why is it so hard to treat , chickens, dogs,cats, horses or any other animal humanely. I eat beef and chicken, but I want to know they have lived and have been slaughtered humanely. I don’t eat eggs unless, the carton says free range, vegetarian feed. I’ll pay the extra money not to eat eggs from chickens living in battery cages, stacked one on top of the other, eating thier own feces. Can’t you be a responsible animal owner, first and then a responsible breeder second. It’s no wonder Tom Vilsack, looks for input from people who are willing to compromise , when he’s attacked by all the anti-government regulations groups. Next time someone breaks into your house, don’t call the police, THEY work for the government.

  17. Justa Farmer

    Maybe Mr. Vilsak doesn’t understand what the animal rights movement is. He must believe that they are in business to help poor cute little kitties and puppies. Beside the HSUS donating 450 thousand dollars to get Ms. Vilsak elected in Iowa, they are now being sued to pay Feld Enterainment because, yes, Wayne Pacelle signed a check to the elephant worker to pay him to work, spy and lie in Federal Court. Just don’t know Mr. Vilsak, I just don’t think I would want to sit down with anyone like that. An organiztion that believes no animal use for entertainment, pets, lifesaving research and a safe supply of meat (best source of protein) and where animals it seems have more rights than people and they who are trying to stamp out everything that keeps both alive and happy and fed. The movement has been purely philosophical from the get go, until they decided to use some scientific studies. Guess who did those studies. It looks as if HSUS paid for The Link, This movement sprang to the USA from the UK but not until the late 60s to mid 70s when the animal rights community found themselves at odds with Thatcher and Blair. The truth is that they have beem able to remove more capital from the USA than any group in history. Fifty Billion in the cattle industry just in California. It is estimated they owe millions to the IRS for too much lobbying for a charity. Really it is not anyone I would want to sit at the table with HSUS but maybe Mr. Valiasak does. What a shame in the light of Agenda 21, and the climate change, (now denied by the “father” of the theory of climate) we may be forced to swallow the Vitamin B 12 pill along with no more animal use for anything ever but to allow them to be free to frolic in the woods. To think that we have allowed the vegan animal rights movement to continue to remove so much capital from our economy and for a government official to believe the HSUS it is a great move one just has to shake their head in disbelievement. ….and bill we need all animal owners from the farmers to the pet owners to those who love a circus and those who like to show a dog and to all those pet owners who now buy their “Goodwell’ pets from a secondhand shop vs. a purebred dog, nothing known about these dogs or where they were raised and no chance to ever know, and please if you have a chance, have a look at the APHIS logs and see who is making requests for information regarding breeders. With all due respect Mr. Valisak, they are not your friends or friend of any owner of any animal or those trying to make a living farming.

  18. elvbend

    We all know that there are certain people who are either employed by HSUS to respond to (all) articles such as these, or they take it upon themselves to defend the monster. There is absolutely no common cause or common ground between HSUS and animal agriculture. Why? Because in order to compromise, one must have something to lose. HSUS has nothing to lose. And so therefore there can be no compromise. Trying to find common cause or ground with HSUS is a no-win for animal agriculture, or any animal endeavor, because even if HSUS were to “lose”, they’d just find somebody to sue. Oh, yeah, and use their donor’s dollars to do that.

      1. elvbend

        Illinois dog breeders tried to sit down at the table with Mr. Matyas. HE would not compromise and in fact lobbied for additional regulations and nonsensical practices that are completely out of line with providing a well-socialized puppy.

        1. elvbend

          BTW, in case you are unfamiliar, Jordan Matyas was the State Director for HSUS in IL at the time. There was no compromise at any time from him.

          This is how HSUS works. They won’t compromise. If it doesn’t work in their favor, they sue. Using donor money.

      2. Walt

        Bob, as long as the food supply is safe and that is a legitimate function of government, what business is it of HSUS, USDA or you? The person with skin in the game and expertise in the field is who should be deciding how to care for their animals. It’s his business and he’ll conduct in what he sees as the best manner. If he doesn’t do a good job, market forces will eliminate the enterprise.

  19. Post

    It’s always good to check facts. An alert AgWired community member posted information regarding alleged HSUS contributions to Christie Vilsack’s (Sec. Vilsack’s wife) failed Iowa political campaign. It looks like she turned down a $1,000 HSUS contribution because they lobby USDA. However, HSUS contributed $750,000 to an advertising campaign aimed at defeating her Republican opponent, Stephen King, who won. Here are a couple of links: and Read into that what you will of course.

  20. Post

    It is not unusual for there to not be a lot of “public” comments here Terry. I assume you mean people not directly involved in farming. This is an agribusiness focused website after all. You do seem to be denying the facts about HSUS that include their vegan agenda and lack of support for local animal shelters. I’m interested to know where you got the millions of dollars spent wacking the HSUS fact from. HSUS has “taught” us these things by their actions. They are the ones doing all of us a disservice. If you really are concerned about animal welfare then support your local animal shelter, not the HSUS.

    1. Terry Ward

      ‘Vegan agenda’?
      Dear Lord.
      Do you know how many vegans are?
      About the same number as there are people who were killed by bubonic plague in this century.
      Is it on purpose that you insult your customers’ intelligence?
      Are you purposely demeaning me …and my lifelong attempting to lecture me on the conditions of pets in shelters?
      You assume that I know nothing about this?
      What exactly does the issue of homeless dogs and cats have to do with ‘agribusiness’?
      Do you believe my pets are livestock?
      Do you believe that the animals I have been rescuing for most of my adult life are livestock?
      You REALLY do not understand how much vitriol you all have caused by fiddling around in the affairs of companion animals.

      I am your customer.
      I consume your products.
      I feed your products to my family.
      My friends and neighbors are your customers.
      Your denigration of my intelligence is completely out of line and totally offensive.
      I came here respectfully and you insult me.
      Have you made the mistake of assuming that I am a vegan?
      I would really be interested in knowing what other profession treats their customers with such contempt.
      Sir, I believe you could profit from some instruction in customer relations.

      1. Walt

        I think the point is, it is your dog, your money and you should spend it like you choose. That’s the difference between you and HSUS. HSUS wants to control other people behavior and money.

        I support your right to make those decisions.

  21. kaylor

    Terry is a . . . (publisher edit) for hsus, looks like Bob is also.
    hsus has a field day attacking innocent animal owners. None of which are organized enough to spend millions whacking hsus. I wish they were. hsus spends millions on misleading advertising to raise even more millions and how many of those millions actually go towards any benefit for animals? It is such a small percentage I cannot fathom the arrogance of anyone bragging about it. These so-called “Humane Societies” and “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” have turned into nothing more than scams to separate good-hearted people from their money. Most of which goes into the pockets of the people running these organizations and/or their fat retirement accounts. Shame on all of them.

  22. Post

    Terry. That’s a big LOL. Really dude. No one is insulting you. Based on the emotion coming out of your rant it sounds like you’re trying to insult me and the great farmers and ranchers of America. I advocate eating vegetables as well as meat.

    Thanks for all your input here. You’ve definitely shown your true colors.

  23. Jackson

    Ya think? These two are the biggest frauds in the country. And yes they work for the HSUS. Bob is actually “Shelly Powers” a HSUS ….. (publisher edit) from St Louis.

    They make a career out of the spin for the HSUS look at the style they use, reaching for everything from global warming to the Plague, which was caused by mites/fleas carried by Wayne Pacelle, oops I mean rats.

    They attack people on nothing of factual value with the intent to disrupt the focus of the conversation. They should not be allowed to post on any ag board it just empowers them by the attention they stir up. And waste everyone’s time. I vote to kick em off this board. Do I hear a second?

    You think you have seem some wierd stuff from them, wait till they read this. and they attempt a reply… Hopefully they will not be allowed to post. So here goes

  24. Post

    Okay folks. Comments are getting way off topic. That does seem to be the goal of a few prolific commenters. So, to be posted your comment needs to be on the subject of the post or at least add something constructive. Thanks.

  25. elvbend

    Ok – on point. The Humane Society of the United States does not compromise. They lobby legislators, they help draft legislation, and then when drafted, want more. There is no compromise nor common ground with this wealthy lobbying group.

    Until animal owners come up with a similar organization, with paid staff, we will continue to lose. Every type of animal owner from farmer, rancher, to dog owner and breeders, to reptile owners, will lose unless we come up with a single voice, with a paid staff and millions in donations, to counter the threats presented by the animal rights activists.

    Right now our volunteer efforts to educate the public fall far short of the corporate giants of the AR movement.

  26. Jan Rochester

    It is all about freedom. I have no problem with people who wish to be vegans, vegetarians, carnivores or omnivores. I do have a problem with people who feel like they have the right to dictate to me how I live and what I eat. To fail to remember history is to be doomed to relive it.
    My father enlisted in the US Marine Corps in June 1941 (US entered WW2 December 7, 1941). He gained 20+ pounds in boot camp. It was the first time in his life he had enough food to eat. A quote from him, “We are not poor, we can have meat.”
    Fortunately, I live where I can have chickens, cows, sheep etc. But what about urban dwellers who will be forced to eat Soylent Yellow………..because Soylent Green is made from…………well, you all know………..

  27. kaylor

    Are you ready to compromise with hsus? If you are not they will spend some of their millions pushing for legislation to be written the way they want. Do you have millions to throw at llobbiests to throw at politicians to stop them?

  28. Holly Tarry

    I am the Colorado director for The HSUS and coordinate our agriculture council for Colorado. I am deeply interested in agriculture and proud to work toward reasonable protections for farm animals in addition to dogs and cats. I am not, nor is The HSUS, against all animal agriculture. In fact- restoring humane, sustainable agriculture and putting more farmers and ranchers back on the land (i.e. reducing the human suffering in rural America) is a deeply-held core value for me and many others at The HSUS. I appreciate the comment that anti-hsus sentiments by some in agriculture are a reaction to perceived wrongs. I feel the exact same way. Our campaigns are reactions to trends in agriculture that have simply gone too far. I understand the lack of trust some in agriculture feel for The HSUS and I know that distrust runs both ways- it is difficult for any of us to overcome it. I look forward to a day when agriculture is broadly seen as two sides of the same coin. Farmers and Ranchers are critical to our lives and our security as a nation. And I hope you’ll consider the reality that consumers are important too. The freedoms of this country are granted to all of us. We all get a chance to participate and fight for our values through legal venues. I can’t think of a better use of our donor dollars than to advocate for public policy that protects farm animals from needless harm while growing support for humane, sustainable agriculture.

    1. Annie S

      While I appreciate you jumping in to bolster HSUS’s apparent nobility and thoughtfulness in animal care, the problem is, Mrs./Ms Tolly, is that your statement goes directly against what the HSUS unstated goal has been for some time: to get rid of farmed animals. I directly butt heads with many animal rights people because I “keep” farm animals. Your company sells itself as a shelter organization and yet almost no (1/2 of 1%) of your funds go to animals.

      I would love it if the world would look at my farm, it’s sustainability, it’s anti-cruelty and the fact that we eat what we produce while keeping healthy happy animals. That can be done on a large or small scale.

      I don’t trust HSUS to scoop manure while they’re standing in it. When you truly stand for all animals and do it without holding back 99% of your funds, then I will listen.

      Until then, keep your trumpets to yourself and go save the lives of the animals you are euthanizing in your own shelters.

      We don’t need more voices in the mix. We need to enforce the laws that stand and to reduce the loopholes that lets huge CAFO farms get away with what they do and to educate people. So, HSUS, where was your huge voice in the GMO arena where it could have helped eliminate CAFOs by restricting the use of GMO feed to human food animals? How about supporting local grown? How about supporting and being an active voice for Grass Fed, for all the sustainable animal food places all over the country and helping change farming laws so reflect that? How about being an active voice for the small farmer?

      Show me that… and I’ll buy into the HSUS mantra. Until then, you are just noise that I mute between the shows.

      1. Diane

        Annie, you are correct that HSUS shares less than 0.5 percent of it’s fraudulently raised annual fortune with pet shelters. I would like to clarify that HSUS does not run any pet shelters whatsoever.

        HSUS raises money for HSUS. HSUS raises money for HSUS under different names: HSUS, Humane Society International, the Fund for Animals, Doris Day Animal League, Wildlife Land Trust, South Florida Wildlife Center, and more. Only the very worst charities do that.

        A few years after his promotion to CEO, Wayne Pacelle told the Chronicle of Philanthropy that he wanted to increase HSUS’s assets to $500 million. How sick is that? Very sick, but also very instructive in terms of how HSUS has been operating in recent years. Like raising money under different names.

        An important example of how Pacelle is working to reach his Mafia–style quota by any means necessary is HSUS’s behavior after big disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy: Red Cross-style media and fundraising campaigns – then lowballing and burying (in the general budget) a sizable chunk of the money raised. Most despicable of all, HSUS inserts a disclaimer on their donation page that allows them to use the Katrina/Sandy donations for “future disasters,” implying that HSUS is some kind of Red Cross for animals. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        (edited for length and relevance – cz)

  29. Jackson


    Thank you for your well written comment of the HSUS latest scheme to trick the public and those who are naive. I should remind you the HSUS stated goals are
    to ” Eliminate all use of animals in Agriculture”, That my friend has not Changed…

    You have criminally bought your way in With the Sec of Agriculture with hundreds of thousands of dollars in (Gifts) you also have bought and Paid for Jay Nixon in Missouri as well as others in the executive branch. Shameful our politicians “public servants” can be bought so easily.

    The HSUS has adopted the old Communist Party tactics, to gain power, being buy those you can… plead common ground (Like you are doing now) then when the true enemies of Communism (HSUS) would appear they would have a night of long knives and kill them.

    You see there are other people who study politics and methods besides you people.

    We are hopeful your leader will soon find himself in jail from the RICO charges he is facing “Paying off a witness”. the Evidence checks with his signature as reported publicly.. Perhaps you will be able to join him as well.

    Your organization has been charged with fraud in numerous states and violate your 501 status daily. So write all the convincing letters you wish.

    We have your number and will not allow you or your co workers (Comrades) to move forward with your stated goal of elimination of Agriculture in America.

    And by the way this is on topic. There is No Common ground, no place at the Table for the HSUS in our business.

    The more people that understand this the better.

  30. elvbend

    I may be a cynic, but does it not strike anyone odd that Vilsack made this statement after H$U$ sued USDA? After Vilsack was sued by H$U$?

    AND do y’all know that H$U$ gets tax dollars (yes, our hard-earned cash) for filing lawsuits? Even if they are thrown out? (see

    I just shake my head. They sucker in people with sad-eyed cats and dogs (hey, I can make my dogs look sad-eyed if I show them a piece of steak and then take it away) and claim their $19 will help shelter pets…and then sue the Government. Go figure.

    MOST of the H$U$-driven legislation does not even ADDRESS animal welfare. It addresses numbers. Of animals. Ranchers – seriously – do you want this?

    1. elvbend

      And JUST NOW, H$U$ releases a statement indicating that they have created a Responsible Horse Breeders Council. They tried this with dog breeders as well. Does anyone but me see the eventuality that, if USDA continues to sleep with H$U$, it will be incumbent upon breeders of ANY animal to have the H$U$ “stamp of approval?”

  31. Diane

    HSUS leaders like to bring up the “agreement” between HSUS and the United Egg Producers, as if these two groups have the power to set agriculture policy. All that happened is UEP’s Chad Gregory approached Wayne Pacelle with a deal that would benefit both organizations’ bottom lines, get Wayne his heroin (positive publicity) and his oxygen (fundraising ops). The agreement (to seek hen cage legislation) was opposed by some of the most respected animal groups, and died in Congress. If Tom Vilsack thinks that is some kind of template for future discussions, he is very misguided. Don’t believe the HSUS hype and UEP spin.

    Speaking of agreements, will HSUS follow the ASPCA’s lead and make a settlement deal with Feld Entertainment? Enquiring minds want to know.

  32. B.L. Cozad Jr

    I personally know many cockfighters and have been going to the cockfights since I was 14 years old (over 30 years) and the description above is the most honest description of the majority of cockfighters that I have ever seen in print.

    This then in reality sounds like this sociology study is describing a typical rural farmer or rancher and in reality that is exactly who the gamecock owners are. Our livestock just happens to be gamecocks instead of beef cattle and the method of harvest of gamecocks differs from the method of harvest of a steer but then again so does the method of harvest of a goat.

    Maybe we should send Law Enforcement Officers out and create situations where we may potentially kill those despicable twisted goat killing proponents of the goat murder industry, you know those vile “farmers and ranchers” that are raising and harvesting goats to earn a living and feed their families in rural America.

    As the truth of the HSUS agenda is being exposed to more and more people Wayne Pacelle is now stating that he wants to “work with the animal agriculture industries and prefers compromise to conflict”. He goes on to say: “We are looking for a new way forward,” Pacelle said. “Instead of endless campaigning or conflict with political adversaries, we now want to forge solutions that produce tangible and meaningful outcomes for animals. And that means sitting down with people who see the world differently than we do, even sitting down with industries that we’ve had deep disagreements with in the past.”

    Let me assist Wayne in fully understanding what he supports: sending Law Enforcement Officers out to point guns at rural Americans to force these rural farmers and ranchers into compliance with the UN Agenda 21 policies and Wayne’s opinion regarding our livestock.

    I’d like to know where Wayne thinks he has any ownership rights vested in “my property” (livestock) that would enable him and his corrupt organization to sway legislators to grant rights to my livestock and then dictate to me what my constitutionally protected property rights are as he attempts to criminalize and destroy my ability to harvest my livestock, earn a living and provide for my family in rural America?

    If that is “compromise” in Wayne Pacelle’s book then the farmers and ranchers across America must realize that Wayne Pacelle’s entire organization (the HSUS) is a privately owned business that’s sole mission and money making efforts are designed to infringe upon, slowly strip away and ultimately remove the property rights of rural farmers and ranchers to their livestock and the land which they own.

    And that is the “United Nations Agenda 21 Wildlands Project” and the “Socialist One World Government proponents’ intentions and plan being carried out by the HSUS.

    In truth there is no compromise and no middle ground when dealing with the HSUS and their agenda, our state and federal legislators are either supporting our constitutional rights, property rights and our animal agriculture industries and our American way of life or they are supporting the HSUS and the socialist agenda of the United Nations Agenda 21.

    Thank you,
    U.S. Army ret SFC B.L. Cozad Jr

  33. Pingback: Should the USDA be working with HSUS? | Protect the Harvest

  34. jack galt

    And if the Humane Society of the United States had not donated $750,000 in negative ads against the encumbent in Iowa running against Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s wife–what support would HSUS be getting from the Us Dept. of Agriculture?

    And if the payment signed by Wayne Pacelle to insider Tom Rider in the Feld Ringling Brothers case had not been determined by the judge to render unreliable and misleading information, would ASPCA be paying $9.3 Million in fines? All of this money is being tossed around from the donations of unsuspecting Americans who have been misled into believing that they are saving an animal. The truth of the matter is that they are paying your pension and your attorneys for writing up frivolous and misleading lawsuits and frivolous and misleading bills on the state level throughout the country that needlessly take up government time and produce virtually no good.

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