Branding Without Fire & Ice

Jamie Johansen

global500-176-editedWhat makes Coca-Cola different from milk?

Elizabeth Bagby, Alltech’s Corporate Marketing Manager, answered that question with branding. She addressed the essence of a brand and why beef and dairy producers need brands at the 2012 Global 500. But most importantly she shared what brands we all can learn from.

The concept of branding, interestingly enough, comes from cattle branding. The first people in the known world to try and differentiate their product from others were cattlemen. So, with our long history in branding we should be leading the charge in the food community.

Today we should be defining a brand as the customers experience, not the practice of creating a name, symbol or design that is associated with a product. Elizabeth described that as a logo, not a brand.

Branding isn’t just for business to consumer. Elizabeth shared 3 reasons why brand communication works in B2B as well.

1. Cuts through the clutter.
2. Facilitates delivery of promise.
3. Taps into the emotional drivers.

Listen to Elizabeth’s complete presentation here: Elizabeth Bagby - Global 500

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