Ag Leader Technology – Independent and Innovative

Chuck Zimmerman

The Ag Leader Technology team talked to farm broadcasters at the recet NAFB convention. I sat down with Lori Costello, Marketing Communications Manager (seated on right), and we talked about the great anniversary year Ag Leader is having.

There are some unique things about Ag Leader Technology that you may not know. For example, Lori says Ag Leader Technology is independently owned and they take great pride in that. The also, “develop, manufacture, ship and support” all of their products right from their office in Ames, IA. When it comes to training Lori says, “We want everyone to be an agnerd.” That’s why they developed the Ag Leader Academy.

Lori says that Ag Leader Technology’s founder, Al Myers, has a main goal to keep being an innovator and bring products that farmers need to the market. It was 20 years ago that Al started the company so that’s the anniversary that the company is celebrating.

Listen to my interview with Lori to find out what else sets the company apart in the precision ag arena here: Interview with Lori Costello

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