Ag Leader Technology Celebrating Twenty Years

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 359Here’s an inspirational story about a man with an idea and a willingness to work hard to create a company that would not only help farmers but also support his family. He’s Al Myers, founder of Ag Leader Technology.

I had the opportunity and pleasure to sit down with Al at the company’s headquarters in Ames, IA. We had a great conversation during which we talked about the start of the company in his basement to the international firm now employing 300 people with a relatively new office in the Netherlands and plans for more in South America and Australia. Here’s a little bit of information about how things got started from the Ag Leader Technology website.

Ag Leader was unofficially born in 1986 in the basement of Al Myers’ home with a handful of parts from an electronics store and a vision to improve agriculture through high-tech innovation. By June of 1992, after developing and testing the world’s first practical and accurate on-the-go yield monitor, Myers left his day job as a design engineer to start Ag Leader Technology. In his first year, he sold a total of ten yield monitors.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing how Al got his company off the ground and has grown it. We appreciate the support Ag Leader Technology shows us as the primary sponsor of our Precision website!

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