Meet the Students of Locust Trace AgriScience Farm

Jamie Johansen

Locust Trace AgriScience Farm is full of students on the road to a successful career in agriculture. I had the opportunity to sit down with a few of them as they told their story on why they have chosen to attend this state-of-the-art school focused on agriculture.

Meet Camila Modica, Sr. at Locust Trace and served as the chapter FFA president this past year. Listen as she shares her story about beating the odds and how she credits this unique school. Interview with Camila Modica

Meet Danielle Milbern, Jr. at Locust Trace. Check out how Danielle is planning for a future career in agriculture education and what courses she is taking to help prepare her for it. She also would love to do her student teaching at Locust Trace and maybe even teach there in the future. Interview with Danielle Milbern

Meet Travis Mink, Jr. at Locust Trace. I caught up with him as he was leading one of the schools dairy cows in to be bred through artificial insemination. Listen as he shares what sets this school apart from a traditional education. Interview with Travis Mink

Locust Trace AgriScience Farm Photo Album

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