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Derry BrownfieldI just received word that my very good friend Derry Brownfield has passed away. I’m kind of in shock and will update this post when I get more information. I’ve known Derry almost all of my professional career in agricultural communications and am finding it hard to imagine a world without him. This is a photo from a couple years ago when I was enjoying an afternoon with him at his little bit of Heaven on Earth (the cabin).

Wow, this is tough to write and there’s so much I can say about this man. He has been a self described rude, crude, mean-spirited, politically incorrect (many more words too) person and I loved him dearly. We did not ever see eye to eye on everything but we thought a lot a like on enough things to just plain enjoy each others company. Derry Brownfield quotes are legendary and I’m sure most are recorded and remembered by his fans and foes.

Derry was 79 years old and still in the studio and able to saddle and ride a horse. He taught me a lot about life. This fall would be the 20th year for me to deer hunt on his property. We spent many times checking cattle and fence on it too. This photo was provided by Learfield Communications and comes from the time he broadcast from his farm. I’ve got to stop for now. More to come when I learn it.

I thought I’d add the last interview I did with Derry in 2009. I think it gives you a good sense of the Derry Brownfield spirit: Interview with Derry

First Post Update: Here’s the notice that Clyde Lear, Derry’s original partner in Learfield Communications posted this morning.

Second Post Update:
Thanks to Steve Mays, Learfield Communications, for putting together a slide show video with music that Derry loved:

Third Post Update: You can find a number of Derry photos on The Derry Brownfield Show Facebook page.

Fourth Post Update: Bob Priddy, News Director, Missourinet, has written an awesome recollection of Derry that is worth a read. And he also found a great video of Derry that I have to share with you.

Fifth Post Update:

The arrangements for Derry’s funeral are… Tuesday visitation 4-8 and funeral on Wednesday 11:00 a.m. Bowlin Cantriel Funeral Services in California, MO.

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  1. Alan Kennedy

    Derry’s son, Jon, and I were great friends in college. I remember Derry talking about how he had written his own obituary entitled “Bury Derry Day” and as of a few years ago he told me it was still sitting in his safe deposit box. I won’t be able to travel from California state to California the town for his funeral, but I’m guessing those attending to honor his life will receive a rare treat.

  2. Tom Brand

    I’m shocked to hear this news.

    My first job in farm broadcasting came at The Brownfield Network. Derry was an unconventional teacher and expected things to be done the way he did them. I’ll admit it was tough to learn “the Brownfield method” for doing the markets, but after a near nervous breakdown and some great guidance from Dick Marshall, I was able to get Derry’s blessing. The Brownfield style of reporting markets is still the method I use today.

    I have many memories of Derry; the best come from time at the cabin. My most notable, though, was when Beth stopped in one afternoon for a visit. She was about 8 months pregnant and Derry, as he introduced Beth as my wife to someone that had stopped by, proclaimed, “he knocked her up good, didn’t he?”

    Wouldn’t you like to hear the discussion (or debate) that he and Saint Peter are having right now?

  3. Pam Stauffer

    Derry and Verna were regular customers at The Lucky Dog. They would come in for supper and say cook for us Pam, you know what we want. I will miss that…… I am sorry for your loss.

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  5. Rusty Lietz

    Its very sad to loose Derry, our listners at kmaq listened intently Friday 3/11.
    In my morning broad cast time I have for sometime looked forward to his show .On behalf of KMAQs listners Maquoketa Ia happy trails Derry,,,Rusty

  6. Vincent F.

    Derry Brownfield was a gentleman and a hero.

    An American patriot by any measure.

    His departure left a hole in America, that with my measure, compares to that of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Although via different means, the three men served America well.

    Relentless, he served up the truth on a daily basis for year upon year – that was his creed. Fearless and unswerving was his pursuit of protecting America.

    I shall miss my friend deeply.

    He was to be the Keynote Speaker at at the May, 14, 2011 Preparedness EXPO.

    He was going to tell all that would listen the truth about American agriculture and the problems that lie ahead for all of us. Very serious problems. And he was going to do that for free.

    Because he was Derry Brownfield.

    It is with tears in my eyes that I write of this news – it is sad beyond compare.

    I wish words could express the depth of our sadness at America’s loss.

    Please take a moment to say a prayer for Derry Brownfield, Beth, Kay, and his family. They all need your prayers.

    Thank you Derry – we miss you.

    Vincent F.

  7. Terry Hale

    Wow, We wil all miss that crusty ole fart. I loved to listen to his common sense views of America, and the world. There will never be anyone like him ever again. Rest in Peace Cowboy. Blessings and strength to his family. One rightous dude, God is proud.

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  10. t graham

    Such a HUGE loss for us all!
    I’ve listened every weekday for 12 years, probably longer, could never start my day without Derry’s intellect, wit and charm,
    Now what are we all gonna do, this stinks for all of us still here now that Derry is back home!
    GOD Bless Derry’s loved ones, and Beth, et al!

  11. jim

    I do not have the history that most of you did with Derry, I listened to his radio
    program at 11am eastern each morning for a few years now. I can say that
    I rarely disagreed with Derry and looked forward to his visit each morning.
    He was missed this morning when I tuned in and found another program in his
    time slot. I was concerned because there were repeat programs the past few
    days. Happy Trails Derry Brownfield may you have following seas.

  12. Mickey Snyder

    May the Good Lord Bless and Keep YOU,Derry Brownfield. You will most certainly be missed by this old Veteran. I also feel very saddened by the great loss of Common Sense. Sincerely; Dale R.[Mickey] Snyder-Retired USCG.

  13. Dennis and Gwen Zelfer

    We will miss you! Listening to you on KBHB from Sturgis, SD, was the highlight of our day. Your information and knowledge gave us insight to many things. May the Good Lord Bless and Keep YOU. Happy trails to you, and we will meet again. Thoughts and prayers are with your family.

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  15. Jim Hixon

    Around 5 years ago I started listening to The Derry Brownfield Show on WCER 900 in Canton, OH. I learned more from him in those 5 years than in my previous 47 years on this planet. Such valuable wisdom, wit & humor he imparted! I wish I could have had a grandfather like him while I was growing up. My heart goes out to the Brownfield family, friends & associates. Derry will always be remembered in our family as a true american hero and will always have a special place in our hearts.

    Thank you Derry for having the courage to speak the truth and the faithfullness to acknowlege our Lord Jesus Christ during your broadcasts. Your warm, humorous ways brightened my mornings and you taught me what it means to be a truly great man.

    May the Good Lord bless and keep you though for now you’re far away, may the good you wished for others shine on you today, may you be hearing music that will cheer your heart my friend, may the Good Lord bless and keep you until we meet again.

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