Have a Steak Sundae

Steak SundaeI just had to post this because of the picture. We just sent out a Talking News Release for long time client, the Missouri Beef Industry Council on the steak sundae. It had me fooled when I first looked at it. I was wondering how beef would go with ice cream. But read on:

April is the “Month of the Young Child” and anyone who has children knows how difficult it can be to get them to eat nutritious foods. To make it a little easier, the Missouri Beef Industry Council (MBIC) offers a fun idea for even the pickiest eaters – the Steak Sundae. According to MBIC marketing director Dawn Thurnau, the treat can be made by alternating layers of mashed potatoes and chunks of steak with warm barbeque sauce or gravy in a sundae dish.

“Then on the top you put your chunks of steak with another little dollop of mashed potatoes and then a cherry tomato on the very top with some green onions. So it looks just like a chocolate sundae, but tastes like an open-face roast beef sandwich,” said Thurnau

Listen to Dawn here: Listen to MP3 File Dawn (MP3)

20 thoughts on “Have a Steak Sundae

  1. One more comment about “canine” teeth. They are present in vegetarian animals such as gorillas as well, so you’ll have to remove that from your list of rationalizations. I had to.

  2. Em that was great LOL!!!! I don’t eat meat and I was not offended by this sundae at all. It looks like an interesting cute way to serve something. Kind of like art. I just wouldn’t want to eat it or let any child within 10 feet of it. Maybe they should try to make a balanced sundae vegan or not without all the fat and carbs add somemore veggies.

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