Dawn White Getting Some Real Yield with LibertyLink

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Bayer CropScience Real Yield GameWe often think of weed resistance as being some kind of midwest and south phenomenon but think east U.S. as in South Carolina. Cindy spoke with farmer Dawn White for an episode of LibertyLink Real Yield Radio and you can hear what she has to say below.

Now, while you’re celebrating some Thanksgiving with the family how about trying the Real Yield Game and get yourself entered to win big with Bayer CropScience.

Visit www.realyieldgame.com and click on the promotion link.
1. Complete all fields in the registration or log-in process.
2. Select five fields in the game area to spray Liberty® to reveal incremental bushels of soybeans.
3. Look at the total number of incremental bushels of soybeans for all five fields in the silo and determine the prize won.

Limit three game plays per person – one game play for complete registration, one game play for completion of LibertyLink® Ratings/Reviews/Attributes, one game play for social sharing through the promotion website.

In the real world, missed weeds compromise real yield. The LibertyLink® system is simply a better solution that ensures you don’t lose yield from missed weeds. Choose LibertyLink® and Liberty® to maximize real yields with high-performing genetics and better weed control.

Here’s Dawn’s story:

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Ethos XB from FMC

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FMC Ethos XBEarlier this month FMC announced the launch of Ethos™ XB insecticide/fungicide, the first of its kind, integrated in-furrow product for insect and disease control. It just so happens that Rick Ekins, fungicide and insecticide portfolio manager for FMC, was attending the NAFB convention. We talked about the announcement and what it provides to farmers. Here’s some information on the product and you can listen to my interview with Rick below.

Rick EkinFormulated with the patented Liquid Fertilizer Ready technology from FMC, Ethos XB insecticide/fungicide combines the market-leading at-plant insecticide with a broad-spectrum preventative biofungicide, the first corn biopesticide offering from FMC.

Ethos XB insecticide/fungicide offers the broadest spectrum of corn seedling defense against soil pests and diseases. Powered by the active ingredient in Capture® LFR® insecticide, it protects seedlings from corn rootworm, wireworms, grubs, seed corn maggots, cutworms and common stalk borers. The powerful, new biological fungicide in Ethos XB insecticide/fungicide aids in control of Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia.

“The Ethos XB product provides early, integrated protection to create an environment where seedlings emerge more uniformly and with the vigor to optimize productivity,” said Rick Ekins, fungicide and insecticide portfolio manager for FMC. “As growers push for maximum yields, they are increasing plant populations and planting earlier under more adverse conditions. Our job is to help them protect every seedling with the most convenient and broadest spectrum insect and disease control.”

Listen to my interview with Rick. Rick Ekins, FMC

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Update on John Deere Acquisitions

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Barry NelsonEarlier this month John Deere announced a couple of big acquisitions that include Precision Planting and Monosem. During the NAFB convention I got an update on those from Barry Nelson.

The Monosem purchase allows John Deere to expand their planter lineup on a truly global basis when included with the Precision Planting purchase. The brand names will be continued according to Nelson. He says it’s 60 – 90 days to get the deal wrapped up and then there will be some dealer negotiations to do as well.

Listen to my interview with Barry here: Barry Nelson, John Deere

Barry is being interviewed in the photo by Michelle Rook, WNAX.

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Coverage of NAFB Convention is sponsored by BASF
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AMSA Launches TheMeatWeEat.com

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TheMeatWeEat.comThe American Meat Science Association (AMSA) has debuted their new website, TheMeatWeEat.com. The consumer focused site provides accurate, fact-based information from U.S. meat scientists to help consumers make informed decisions regarding the meat their families enjoy.

“TheMeatWeEat.com is the perfect avenue to relay the research of countless meat scientists into digestible information our consumers are looking for. Targeting our audience with relatable information, like industry trends, we can unveil science and facts about all proteins our consumers desire,” said David Hayden, Regional Sales Manager with JBT Corp. and industry advocate.

TheMeatWeEat.com provides simplified site navigation, a variety of resources and enhanced search capability, making it quick and easy for the visitor to find the answers they are seeking.

Website features include:
· Consumer Focused Fact Sheets
· Video Podcasts
· Featured Meat Scientist Series
· “Ask a Meat Scientist” Web Portal

Janeal Yancey, University of Arkansas and author of the Mom at the Meat Counter blog, said, “I’m really excited about the potential of this site to reach consumers. People have lots of questions about how meat is produced and the best ways to prepare it. This site will give people access to hundreds of meat scientists with a wide variety of expertise.”

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48th Championship Tractor Pull Drivers Announced

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Championship Tractor PullThe dirvers of this years 48th annual Championship Tractor Pull include former champions as well as a record-braking number of women drivers.  The four-day event, sponsored by Syngenta, will be held February 10-13 in conjunction with the  National Farm Machinery Show.  Drivers compete for the title of Grand Champion and a share of $250,000 in prize money.

The majority of the reigning Grand Champions from the seven classes of the 2015 Championship Tractor Pull are returning: Neil Gettinger, Hagerstown, IN; Nathan Babler, Rock City, IL; Steve Bunnage, Golden Gate, IL; Joey Frasur, Liberty IN; Travis Schlabach, Marengo, IA; and Shawn Hodges, Avella, PA.

The 2016 Championship Tractor Pull will break last year’s record for the number of women driving with eight women competing in various classes including Patricia Justison, Hillsboro IL; Bethany Nelson, Altamont, IL; Ashley Corzine, Assumption, IL; Mendi Nelson, Cat Spring, TX; Renee Theobald, Shelbyville, IN; Monica Shaw, Franklin, KY; Julia Ray, Beloit, OH and former Grand Champion Lisa Tatum, Bardstown, KY.

You can purchase tickets from the Freedom Hall Ticket Office, Kentucky International Convention Center and Ticketmaster beginning Tuesday, December 1 at 10:00 a.m.  Ticket prices for Wednesday and Thursday are $40, Friday’s tickets are $45, Saturday afternoon coasts $40 and the finals on Saturday night are $45.

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Survey Says Ag Machinery Market Still Weak

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machineryAgrievolution Alliance recently released  their fall survey of more than 6,000 manufacturers worldwide showing the majority believe the market is still weak.  The report shows a 3 point decline from their April report.

China and India buck the trend, showing positive growth in agriculture equipment manufacturing.  For other countries, results show no clear future trend.

Taking new orders as future indicators, there is even less of a positive outlook. Nearly 50 percent of the global ag machinery industry states that in the past three months, the volume of incoming orders in their domestic markets decreased compared to the same period a year ago.

On a global basis, 19 percent of ag machinery companies rate their business as “good,” while 34 percent describe it as unfavorable. Especially in North and South America, namely the U.S. and Brazil, current demand remains weak.

Brazil was the worst in terms of sales revenue in the last three months, followed by the U.S. Countries reporting the best sales revenue were Russia, China and India.

Lower commodity prices have negatively affected the mood of farmers and is halting the demand for new machinery.  Member of the Alliance survey may view a more detailed report, but a report for the general public may be viewed here.

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Agri-Pulse Open Mic with Rep. Mike Conaway

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open-micAgri-Pulse Open Mic this week features Ag Committee Chairman Mike Conaway.

Conaway discusses what promises to be a frantic start to December as the U.S. Congress faces a deadline to approve omnibus appropriations legislation. Chairman Conaway is intent to see protection from budget cuts for the farm bill and crop insurance. In this interview, Conaway calls for administrative changes in the farm bill to help cotton farmers, discusses how the threat of trade retaliation from COOL is already affecting commerce with Canada, and the committee’s work to review the nation’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Click here to listen to Agri-Pulse Open Mic with Ag Committee Chairman Mike Conaway.

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Zimfo Bytes

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Zimfo Bytes

Zimfo Bytes

Brownfield Ag News Promotes Harker

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brownfield-harkerJulie Harker of Brownfield Ag News has been promoted to the position of News Director. She has been working with Brownfield’s parent company, Learfield Communications for 25 years and is a trusted voice in agriculture.  She will now be directing the team on day-to-day writing, radio network content and the website.

“Julie has consistently demonstrated her commitment to improving the quality of the Brownfield product,” said Cyndi Young, Director of Brownfield & Ag Operations. “She is a fair and courageous journalist who has earned the respect of her peers.”

Julie has been covering ag news for Brownfield since 2007. She has covered agriculture events in her home state of Missouri and beyond – from Washington, D.C. to Germany – to tell the story of agriculture. Julie also produces a daily consumer education program, Healthy Living, aimed at informing consumers about food and nutrition, striving to dispel commonly held misconceptions about them.

Julie is the recipient of the National Farmers Union’s Milt Hakel Award for Excellence in Ag Journalism and several awards for ag news and market reporting from the National Association of Farm Broadcasting.

The Browfield team consists of 12 full-time, award-winning broadcasters.  Their programs are carried by more than 400 radio stations.  Brownfield is the oldest and largest ag radio network, with more reporters working on behalf of the ag industry in more states and covering more acres than any other broadcast team.

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USFRA Educational Initiative – Discovering FARMLAND

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Nancy KavazanjianThe U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance has announced a new education initiative that will provide high school students a first-hand glimpse into modern agriculture. The project has been created in conjunction with Discovery Education. Titled Discovering FARMLAND, the interactive resources allow teachers and students to experience the industry through the eyes of six young farmers and ranchers, all while learning about food production’s connection to science, economics, technology and sustainability.

During the NAFB convention I spoke with USFRA Chair, Nancy Kavazanjian, being interviewed in the photo by Kyle Bauer. Discover FARMLAND has several components that includes a shortened version of the film documentary. There are also four major lesson plans included online.

Discovering FARMLAND provides high school students, educators and parents with standards-aligned lesson plans and interactive activities that explore concepts critical to modern agriculture, such as sustainability, technology, and science. Designed by Discovery Education’s curriculum experts, these resources aim to stimulate thoughtful conversations between educators and students about key issues including: innovative use of technology on farms and how it has transformed the industry, challenges farmers face such as weather and growing conditions, common stereotypes around farmers and ranchers, and market supply and demand. Additionally, FARMLAND will be integrated into Discovery Education Streaming Plus™ a comprehensive digital library containing more than 200,000 learning assets aligned to state and national curriculum standards.

Learn more about this USFRA project in my interview with Nancy here: Nancy Kavazanjian, USFRA

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Coverage of NAFB Convention is sponsored by
Coverage of NAFB Convention is sponsored by BASF
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