Lots of Social Media Savvy Folks Out There

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New Holland ZimmPollOur latest ZimmPoll asked the question, “Do you consider yourself social media savvy?”

It’s exciting to see so many people out there that have grasped social media as way to communicate online and also use it as a marketing tool. Yet will had a few pollers who don’t see it as beneficial. It is hard to look into the future and not see social media. Changing and developing yes, but not leaving for good.

Here are the poll results:

  • Yes – I’ve got it – 55%
  • Yes – Still need training – 23%
  • No – Want to learn more – 6%
  • No – Not worth my time – 16%

Our new ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, How are you connecting your precision equipment and data?

Drones, big data, new standards are all precision ag buzz words but connectivity was a common theme this year at the InfoAg Conference. More and more companies are developing stable wireless options to communicate back and forth from the cab. Let us know what method you are using and feel free to leave a comment.


Excellence Awards for Precision Agriculture

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PrecisionAg AwardThe 2015 PrecisionAg Magazine Awards of Excellence were presented this week at the InfoAg Conference by Paul Schrimpf, Executive Editor. First up on stage was Dave Scheiderer, founder, Integrated Ag Services. He has been named the Crop Adviser/Entrepreneur Award Winner.

I have captured each winner’s introduction by Paul along with their comments for you. Listen to Dave here: Dave Scheiderer, Integrated Ag Services

PrecisionAg AwardThe next award presented was for Farmer of the Year. Receiving the award was Rod Weimer, a farm manager at Fagerber Farms in Colorado.

Fagerberg Farms grows, packs and ships Colorado onions. He has fully embraced precision agriculture in an effort to save water and fertilizer.

Listen to Rod here: Rod Weimer, Fagerberg Farms

PrecisionAg AwardThe Legacy Award winner is Randy Taylor, Oklahoma State University. Randy could not be present but send a video for his presentation. I do not have audio of that for you but you can listen to Paul introduce him.

Dr. Randy Taylor is professor and extension engineer, machinery systems 70/30 extension/research; Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Oklahoma State University.

Listen to the introduction for here: Randy Taylor, Oklahoma State Introduction

PrecisionAg AwardThe winner of the Agriculture Research/Educator of the Year Award is Raj Khosla, Colorado State University. Khosla is distinguished Monfort professor of precision agriculture and an assistant dean of international programs in the CSU College of Agriculture Sciences

Listen to Raj here: Raj Khosla, Colorado State University

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Zimfo Bytes

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Zimfo Bytes

  • Rhea + Kaiser (R+K) has added Monica Hennessey as Assistant Account Manager and Brittany Lantry as a Media Assistant.
  • RFD-TV, “Rural America’s Most Important Network,” announced the expansion of the news department with the appointment of new team members targeted to build RFD-TV’s momentum as an innovative leader in broadcast media.
  • This fall, five college-bound students will have financial support through the Monty’s Plant Food Company® FFA Scholarship.
  • The National Potato Council (NPC) and the United States Potato Board (USPB) are accepting applications for the Potato Industry Leadership Institute (PILI) class of 2016.
Zimfo Bytes

#Biodiesel Supports #AgMedia

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ams15-nbbThe National Biodiesel Board (NBB) was proud to once again be a part of the Ag Media Summit this week and share their positive message about the biodiesel industry.

“AMS is really a great gathering of a wide variety of publications across the ag industry,” said Jessica Robinson of NBB. “It’s a good opportunity to talk with people and let them know that biodiesel is growing and as we grow we’re playing a larger role in these spaces.”

NBB exhibited in the InfoExpo and also sponsored some of the professional improvement workshops at the event. They had a special focus this year on the livestock industry and how biodiesel is helping to make producers more profitable. “We know people are always looking for new and interesting stories and this is definitely a good one and one we’re happy to share,” said Jessica.Interview with Jessica Robinson, National Biodiesel Board

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AgriCorps: Youth is the Solution

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20097425605_dc8a079b8d_oDuring Tuesday’s lunch session at Ag Media Summit, participants listened to a special presentation on the future of agriculture in Africa, and the potential it holds for both economic prosperity for millions of impoverished youth, and answers to the greatest challenge humanity will face yet: How farmers are going to feed an additional three billion people by the year 2050.

Trent McKnight, rancher and founder of the nonprofit AgriCorps, explained how the current world population has set the stage for the great food security challenge of the next fifty years, and how the solution requires bringing agriculture heavily into two generally under-appreciated sources: The continent of Africa, which is home to 60% of the uncultivated land on Earth, and the young people of the world.

“Africa is part of the solution; but primarily youth are the solution. Youth are the ones who, when they are mature, will be faced with the great challenge of feeding 3 billion more people, whether those people are in Africa, or America, Latin America, or Asia,” He said. “We need to be investing in youth in agriculture around the world, in our country as well as abroad.”

McKnight founded AgriCorps, which is structured similarly to the Peace Corps, with a mission to connect volunteers from within American agriculture to the growing demand for conventional, science and technology-based agricultural education in developing nations. Volunteers with college degrees in agriculture are sent into developing nations to become agriculture teachers.

“We are working with existing 4-H Global Progams in [Africa and Latin America], helping to support them with capacity building and creating model 4-H and future farmer programs, so that they have something to build off of within the agricultural education model,” McKnight said, “We believe that if we can develop these young leaders in developing countries who are committed to farming as a science and business, they can be the solvers of the problems they face at home rather than being dependent on westerners coming in and solving those problems for them.”


The economic benefit of AgriCorps has many beneficiaries within the participating communities. Through education effots and the help of 4-H global sponsors like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one AgriCorps-led 4-H and Future Farmer program in Ghana helped local youth start a nursery of new hybrid varieties of cocoa and oil palm seedlings. They successfully marketed the seedlings to local farms, bringing money directly into the schools as well as incredible increases in both yields and profits for the farmers.

McKnight is confident about the future impact AgriCorps will bring: “The economic benefit isn’t static, its very dynamic and will continue to take off from just small things that 4-H, Future farmer organizations and our Corps Members are able to develop.”

Listen to my interview with McKnight here:
Interview with Trent McKnight, AgriCorps

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FMC Busy at #AgMedia

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ams15-fmcThe FMC booth was a popular stop for ag journalists at the Ag Media Summit InfoExpo because they had experts to chat about some of the new products FMC has in the pipeline.

FMC Corporation is a big sponsor at the Ag Media Summit and Jill Heggen says it’s an important event for them. “We like to connect with the editors, we reach out to them and talk to them throughout the year and they really have the pulse on what’s going on in the industry,” said Heggen. “It’s really nice to have that face to face connection and support them at this event.”

FMC sponsored the breakfast on Tuesday morning, which Jill says they have done for several years now. “This is my fourth year here with FMC so it’s a consistent show for us and we like to continue to show our support in that way,” she said. FMC is also one of our sponsors for coverage of AMS, which allows even those ag media professionals who were unable to attend to share in the event.

We got several interviews with FMC representatives that we will be sharing over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that.

Listen to my interview with Jill here: Interview with Jill Heggen, FMC

2015 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

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20150714_084136Today, Aunt Jeanette writes:

“One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn’t belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?”

Ah, the good old days of Sesame Street. Our three young sons watched this particular educational program so they would be occupied and entertained while I prepared lunch. It was a lifesaver! There was a lot to be learned from Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Count and Oscar the Grouch. The song tunes and lyrics were catchy, easy to remember, and fun to sing along with. In fact, this song emerged from the far recesses of my brain as I was watering plants in my barrel this morning.

Sometimes things (other than what I plant) grow in my barrel and I can only wonder how the seeds happened to end up there. Usually it is moonflowers that appear. This spring I kept finding soybean plants coming up – and I kept pulling them out. I happened to mention this to our middle son one day and he told me he and his kids had secretly been planting soybean seeds in the barrel. By the time I discovered this I had already pulled most of them. This one, however, escaped my bean-pulling hands.

I will keep watering the plants in my barrel and let the soybean grow. Hopefully our grandkids will be able to have their own little harvest, even if it will be extremely small. And, who knows? Maybe next summer we will plant a whole barrel full of soybeans!

Until we walk again …


AFBF President Candidate Visits Peanut Growers

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spgc-15-zippyOne of four candidates vying to be the next president of the American Farm Bureau Federation visited the Southern Peanut Growers Conference last week in Callaway Gardens, Georgia.

Georgia Farm Bureau president Zippy Duvall was pleased to visit with the peanut growers from Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi who held their 17th annual meeting in the largest peanut growing state for the first time this year.

“I’m with the peanut growers of Georgia and they are very dear to my heart,” said Zippy Duvall in an interview at the conference. “We’re number one in peanuts across the country and we’re very proud of that.”

Duvall decided to run for AFBF president recently when current president Bob Stallman announced his retirement. “I’m just so passionate about agriculture and I think I can bring that to the table,” said Duvall. “The other thing I can bring to the table is that I’m really good at building bridges and relationships and I think everything in life is accomplished through relationships.”

There have been AFBF presidents from South Carolina and Virginia but not from the lower Southeast and Duvall is hoping to be the first.

Listen to my interview with Zippy here: Interview with Zippy Duvall, Georgia Farm Bureau president

2015 Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album

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Talking Soybean Issues at #AgMedia

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ams15-asaThe American Soybean Association booth at the Ag Media Summit came complete with president and farmer Wade Cowan of Texas to talk about some timely issues for the industry.

I got to talk with Wade about last week’s passage of the Safe and Affordable Food Labeling bill and the role soybean growers played in helping to educate lawmakers about the legislation. We also talked about comments that ASA submitted to the EPA this week regarding volume obligations for biofuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard and how good biodiesel is for the livestock industry. Another timely topic we discussed was the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations being held this week in Hawaii and how the soybean industry is supporting animal agriculture concerns about market access. Finally, Wade talks about this year’s crop and how it is faring with the wacky weather we’ve had around the country.

Listen to or download my interview with Wade here: Interview with Wade Cowan, American Soybean Association president

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#AgMedia Awards

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ams15-lpc-fameAAEA, LPC and ACT all honored the best of their best during the annual Ag Media Summit awards banquet Tuesday night. The awards were many and well deserved – from new Hall of Fame members, distinguished service, lifetime achievement, and horizons – to annual best of shows in photography, writing, and design – to just-because-we-love-you awards.

ams15-aaea-award-1Among those honored were Dick and Pete Crow, publishers of Western Livestock Journal, received into the LPC Hall of Fame. Roland “Pig” Paul, who was unable to attend the meeting, was honored with the AAEA Distinguished Service award and 1983-84 organization president Len Richardson received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

ams15-aaea-award-2There were lots of other awards presented last night and even more by the organizations earlier in the day. I created a separate album just for all the individual AAEA award winners presented just prior to the banquet – 2015 AAEA Business Meeting and Awards.

The general photo album has been updated with all photos and I am getting ready to take off for home so I can meet Chuck and get read for our next trip – to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for the Renewable Fuels Association! We will be posting more from AMS in the week ahead – and seeing y’all down the agriblogging highway!

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