Quick Fix Hydraulic Hose Impresses At #NFMS16

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quick fixAn in-field solution for hydraulic hose failures, Quick Fix offers a hydraulic hose kit that enables users to build a new hydraulic hose on-site within ten minutes using simple hand tools. Larry, with Quick Fix, filled us in on how easy to use the Quick Fix Hose Kit is, which you can see below.

Kits come in either 3/8″ or 1/2″ hose, and if you mention AgWired when you order online, you will be able to receive the discount normally reserved for NFMS show attendees. With reusable fittings and only hand tools required, the Quick Fix saves users down-time when a hydraulic failure would normally take a piece of equipment out of operation while parts were retrieved.

To see how the Quick Fix Hydraulic Hose Kit works, watch this quick video from the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show.

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Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by FMC and Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by New Holland
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New T5 Series Debuts At #NMFS16

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nfms-16-150-edited The T5 tractor series from New Holland has been re-engineered for 2016, and two brand new models were debuted at the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show. Todd Debock, New Holland Brand Marketing Manager, was on hand during the show to give a detailed tour of the new tractors, as well as a thorough overview of the customizable features available with the series.

The two new models of T5 tractors include the 107hp T5.110, and the 117hp T5.120. Both feature a fuel capacity of 43.6 gallons. The rear three-point linkage capacity has been raised to 8,084 pounds, while remote valve layout has been improved for easier coupling.

All new T5 models are equipped with the 3.4-litre Common Rail F5G engine, with ECOBlue Compact HI-eSCR technology, and feature Low rate Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). The tractors are also Tier 4B compliant, adding up to outstanding efficiency, increased performance and up to 24% more torque backup for even more productivity.

“By going to Tier 4B and using our High SCR in depth solution, we’ve got improvements for our customers,” said Debock, “There are improvements in fuel efficiency, but also improvements in performance.”

Customers will be astounded at the number of customizable options available to add on to their machine, making it a perfect fit for their operation. An especially exciting optional full loader-ready package, compatible with New Holland 825TL and 835TL loaders, offers new mechanical or electrohydraulic joysticks with integrated transmission shifting will make operation easier and more efficient for customer using loaders with the tractor.

“If you’re using loader application and you want to gear down as you go into a pile to get more torque and fill your bucket, you can do that,” said Debock. “Then when you go to back up using your clutch-less shuttle, you can simply shift up and it improves cycle time. This has proven to just be an excellent feature for loader applications.”

Listen to Jamie’s full interview with Todd to learn more about all of the new features available with the new T5 series:
Interview with Todd Debock, New Holland

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Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by
Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by FMC and Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by New Holland
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Camso Unveils New Roading Track At #NFMS16

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nfms16-camso-1-ericCamso unveiled a newly improved roading track at National Farm Machinery Show this week. Eric Blondeau, head of Wheels and Tracks in the Agriculture department at Camso, spoke with AgWired to share how the new roading track will benefit customers.

“We’ve taken the best roading track on the market and made it even better,” says Blondeau. “Our new roading track promises best in-class durability and speed when travelling from one field to the next.

Although Camso is a ‘Road-Free Company’, they do invest research and development in products that will help their customers have piece of mind when getting work done. In this case, traveling from field to field. The new roading track gets you from field to field and with a 20% improvement in lifetime performance Camso’s new roading track is sure to be the longest lasting currently on the market.

“We really focus on our cost per hour. This is the acquisition cost divided by the number of hours farmers can expect from their tracks. On that metric, we see a gap of 30-40% with our competition. That is really where farmers get their moneys’ worth and stand out.” explained Blondeau.

The roading track will be available through Camso distributors, on their website, or you can stop by their exhibit, #6820, through today at the National Farm Machinery Show.

Learn more about how the roading track will benefit customers in Eric’s interview: Interview with Eric Blondeau, Camso

2016 National Farm Machinery Show Photo Album

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Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by FMC and Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by New Holland
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Zimfo Bytes

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Zimfo Bytes

  • Join NAMA & AAEA at the Commodity Classic on Friday, March 4, 2016 in the New Orleans Convention Center, Room: 342, at 4:30 – 6:00 p.m for a cocktail reception.
  • The inaugural AgroExpo, hosted by AgroLiquid on the company’s research farm, just north of St. Johns, Michigan, will be held Aug. 16-18, 2016.
  • The Soil Health Institute (SHI) announced that it has selected one of the nation’s top agriculture leaders to be the organization’s first ever president and chief executive officer.
  • The future may not be so bright for the Illinois’ agriculture industry, one of the state’s leading economic drivers, if more agricultural education teachers aren’t recruited and retained, and soon.
  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) announced the winners of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) Think-and-Do Challenge.
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FMC 3RIVE 3D™ Wins Award at #NFMS16

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nfms16-fmc-3riveThe FMC 3RIVE 3D™ application system received a 2016 FINovation award from Farm Industry News during the National Farm Machinery Show this week in Louisville.

“This is the marriage of application technology and formulation technology that allows growers to plant as many as 500 acres on a single fill,” said FMC portfolio manager Rick Ekins of the system, which is used for in-furrow application of Capture® LFR® insecticide. “It’s a very small, compact, simple system … and it’s a low volume of water applied per acre.”

nfms16-fmc-ekinsLast year when we talked about the system at NFMS, it was still a pilot program, but this year it is expanded. “We had 35 growers across the Corn Belt who put this product on and we’ve gained a vast amount of experience from that first year that we’ve incorporated into new system improvements for the 2016 crop year,” Ekins said, adding that the system pretty much accomplished all that they intended in the pilot year. “They were getting 500 acres out of a single fill, and it was a very easy system to manage and fill through the precision controls, and we did install it on a number of planters of all brands.”

Learn more in this interview: Interview with Rick Ekins, FMC

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Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by FMC and Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by New Holland
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USDA Designates $58.25 Million for Plant Pests, Disease

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USDAThe USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) will be designating $58.25 million from the 2014 farm bill to fund 434 projects that will help protect U.S. crops from plant pests and diseases.

“Through the Farm Bill we are working with our partners and stakeholders to not only ensure the global competitiveness of our specialty crop producers but to fight back against the destruction caused by invasive pests,” said Vilsack. “The projects and centers funded through this effort are helping to develop and put in place the strategies, methods and treatments that safeguard our crops, plants, and natural resources from invasive threats.”

Already the APHIS has funded more than 1,200 projects that have made it possible to quickly detect and respond to invasive species, such as the old world bollworm, bark beetle and spotted lanternfly, among many others.

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Emerging CIRB Leaders Build Future of Crop Insurance

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CRIB Sheri BaneSheri Bane kicked off the 2016 Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau Annual Meeting with her opening remarks.  When Chuck Zimmermann caught up with her later he was able to learn more about the organizations first year with the Emerging Leaders Program.

“We had company representatives nominate up and coming leaders within their organizations,” Bane explains.  “Those six people began the program late last year.  They came to Washington D.C., they visited with legislative offices.  They have been in what we call the bowels of the RMA, the NCIS, all the places where they can really learn what makes crop insurance run and how the processes work and how the interaction between the government and the private companies play out.”

Like farmers, the demographics of the crop insurance business is nearing retirement.  Members who have been navigating the politics since the inception of crop insurance are now focusing on passing along their knowledge to a new generation.  The young, fresh energy is what CIRB is looking for, Bane says, to build the relationships with the people in the agriculture offices who will be moving around D.C. as their own careers grow.  These connections will be valuable.

Bane encourages crop insurance companies to nominate new faces for the next round of the program.  Participants take part in trips and meetings usually reserved for employees who have worked their way up in the company, but these opportunities allow the transfer of knowledge in a small industry.

You can hear more about the program in Chuck’s interview here: Interview with Sheri Bane, COUNTY Financial and CIRB Chair

2016 CIRB Annual Meeting Photos

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WOTUS Strikes Back

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Farmers and ranchers will need the force to be with them as the EPA has struck back with an even more extreme version of the Waters of the U.S. Rule.  Known as the Chesapeake Blueprint, the new rules will severely regulate and burden farms, possibly removing thousands of acres from production agriculture.

The American Farm Bureau Federation is once again assembling their rebel strike team and has released a new Star Wars themed video explaining the controversial Blueprint.

Farm Bureau has asked the Supreme Court to review the Blueprint.  They are expected to hear the case on Friday, February 19.

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AEM Ag Chair at #NFMS16

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nfms16-aem-walkerJim Walker with CASE IH, who serves as chairman of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) Ag Sector board, talked about what he expects for the future of the industry during an Ag Executive Outlook panel at the National Farm Machinery Show this week.

Walker says increasing profitability with precision will be key. “Really the technology of precision farming is working with the input people, working with the manufacturers, and tying all that together is what’s going to drive more profit per acre,” he said. As in many industrial sectors, Walker notes that technology moves faster than “hard iron” – “So we have to be able to rely on the experts in the technology field that’s evolving daily and be able to adapt it to our products.”

Coming up quickly after NFMS is Commodity Classic, and this will be the first time AEM’s AgConnect will be part of the show. “We love the affiliation with Commodity Classic because it’s one of the few shows that’s really centered around the end user, geared toward the betterment of the producer,” said Walker. “We think we add value and we’re hoping we attract a wider clientele for Commodity Classic.”

Listen to my interview with Jim here: Interview with AEM Ag Chair Jim Walker, CASE IH

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Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by FMC and Coverage of the National Farm Machinery Show is sponsored by New Holland
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Farm Income & Land Values Fall in Midwest, Midsouth

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Federal reserve bank of St. LouisThe fourth quarter of 2015 continued to show a decline in farm income through the Midwest and Midsouth.  The survey, conducted by the Agricultural Finance Monitor and published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, was comprised of responses from agricultural banks in the boundaries of the Eight Federal Reserve District.  That area includes all or part of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee.

The value of quality farmland, ranchland or pastureland also declined during this period.

During the fourth quarter, bankers reported a continued drop in farm income compared with the same period a year ago. Based on a diffusion index methodology with a base of 100 (results above 100 indicate proportionately higher income compared with the same quarter a year earlier; results lower than 100 indicate lower income), the farm income index value was 28. This was the sixth consecutive quarter that this value fell below 100, and the lowest level recorded since the survey began in 2012. Looking ahead at the first quarter of 2016, an even greater percentage of bankers indicated they expect income to continue to decline.

Amid the ongoing downturn in farm income, farmers and ranchers continued to scale back spending in the fourth quarter of 2015. Values for the index for household spending and the index for farm capital equipment expenditures again fell to their lowest levels since the survey began in 2012. Bankers expect expenditures in both categories to continue to decline in early 2016.

“Crop and cattle prices are down, but input costs are rising at a slower pace, a Kentucky lender said. “I expect capital expenditures to decrease along with devaluation in farm real estate.”

Quality farmland saw a decline of 2.5 precent compared to 2014.  Ranchland or pastureland fell 5.3 percent.  Most bankers reported that they expect land prices to continue to fall in 2016.  At the same time cash rent for farmland dropped 9.5 percent but cash rent for pastureland rose by 8.6 percent.  Bankers also believe cash rent for both land types will decline in the near future.

Regarding farmland returns and sales, 77 percent of the lenders said they expect a slightly positive return on farmland for landowners in their regions of up to 5 percent.  Thirteen percent of the lenders expected higher returns of 5 to 10 percent, but 10 percent were looking at a negative return.

Investors were more divided when it came to their expectation of the volume of land sales in 2016.  Nearly half forecast no change, 31 percent look for sales volume to increase and 22 percent felt land sale opportunities would decrease.

The final question posed to bankers was in regards to the amount of farmland they saw being purchased by farmers.  A majority of lenders reported that more than 50 percent of the buyers were farmers in their area.

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