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  • A new leadership team was elected by the members of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants while at the organization’s annual conference.
  • Farm Journal Media announced that it has acquired the highly-regarded The Kiplinger Agriculture Letter, a well-known bi-weekly newsletter published continuously since 1929.
  • DRYLAND will be showing at 3:30 PM, Saturday, November 15 in the 41st Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival Portland Art Museum’s Whitsell Auditorium.
  • Adoption of Agricultural Conservation Practices: Insights from Research and Practice, developed by the department of Forestry and Natural Resources at Purdue University, is available for free download from The Education Store.
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Seed Trade Expo Redesigned

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ASTAconf2014This year’s American Seed Trade Association’s CSS 2014 & Seed Expo has been redesigned to focus on the most relevant and cutting-edge issues facing the seed industry. Organizers are inviting potential attendees to take a look at the schedule and see the topics for the Dec. 8-12 event in Chicago, Illinois, the largest seed industry conference in the country.

Keynote speaker Bill Whitacre of J.R. Simplot Company will address attendees during the General Session Tuesday, December 9. Popular presenter Dan Basse will also return with his market outlook and trend report during The Economics of the Export Market Breakfast on Wednesday, December 10.

Also new this year will be a dedicated, fully functioning media room that will offer private areas to live broadcast and host one-on-one interviews. Industry press conferences on a variety of topics are also being planned. All media will receive complimentary registration.

For a full schedule of events, registration and hotel information click here. Register by November 15 to take advantage of discounted hotel pricing.

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FFA Members Show Passion for the Future

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ffa-14-127-editedAs FFA members work their way through the National FFA Convention Expo in Louisville, they are greeted by a variety of agribusiness and collegiate exhibits. Although each exhibit has developed it’s own message, theme, and purpose, many share a common goal of focusing on future opportunities and growth within agriculture. FMC is no different; they are inviting members to step into a video booth at their exhibit to record what “investing in the future of farming” means to them individually. FMC has built a history of investing in future agricultural leaders and producers by supporting FFA chapters, communities, and students through their scholarship and internship programs.

As Carson Roberts, of the Union FFA Chapter in eastern Oregon, made her way through the FMC exhibit, she shared her thoughts on what investing in the future means and why it is important for our industry.

Investing in the future to me means educating our youth about agriculture, what it means, and why you should get involved. About only 2% of the population is involved in producing food for our community.

Carson spoke about her Supervised Agriculture Experience, where she breeds and shows market swine, her involvement in her FFA Chapter, where she serves as the chapter photographer, and her commitment to being active in her chapter by attending meetings and events diligently. Although this wasn’t Carson’s first time at National Convention, she was as excited as ever to be here representing her chapter and state at the 87th Annual National FFA Convention in Louisville.

When asked about her favorite aspect of convention, Carson was enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet FFA members from across the nation.

Listen to my interview with Carson here: Interview with Carson Roberts, Union FFA Chapter

Find all our photos from the event here: 87th National FFA Conventions Photo

Coverage of the National FFA Convention is sponsored by
Coverage of the National FFA Convention is sponsored by FMC


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Make Your Message More Personal

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Julie BorlaugDuring her presentation at the Bayer CropScience Corn and Soybean Future Forum Julie Borlaug told the audience they are not doing a good job of communicating what they are doing to the broad general consuming audience. That raised a few eyebrows.

What she suggests is making message more personal and not so polarizing as we sometimes see with the GMO debate as a good example. Activists are using emotion to make their points and I think we need to get emotion in our messaging too. That doesn’t exclude including scientific information. Julie has an example in our interview.

Listen to my interview with Julie here: Interview with Julie Borlaug

2014 Bayer CropScience Corn & Soybean Future Forum Photos

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Bayer CropScience Advancing Sustainable Ag

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Liam CondonStarting out the second day of the Bayer CropScience Corn and Soybean Future Forum was Liam Condon, CEO, Germany. The theme of his remarks was how Bayer CropScience is advancing sustainable agriculture.

One of the remarks that Liam made during his comments that struck me was how the growth in demand for meat in countries around the world is driving changes in farming practices. The reality is we need to produce a lot more food and without using more arable land.

Like many of our presenters here he also talks about the need to be sensitive to what consumers want and to better communicate with them how the agricultural industry is working to supply them with it. He specifically mentions the use of social media to help accomplish this.

Listen to Liam’s remarks here: Liam Condon Remarks

2014 Bayer CropScience Corn & Soybean Future Forum Photos

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FMC’s Investment in Farming’s Future

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ffa-14-3-editedOver the past couple of years FMC has put a strong emphasis on investing in farming’s future. Here at the 87th National FFA Convention they are asking students to step into their sound booth and share what investing in farming’s future means to them. Following the convention FMC will create a mashup of the students audio to share with their industry partners about where the future of agriculture is headed through the eyes of high schoolers.

FMC’s support for the next generation of agriculturalists is nothing new. They also provide internships in sales, marketing, tech support and product development. All while helping to bring new solutions to farming and agriculture.

FMC is also sponsor of the Agriscience Research Plant Systems Proficiency Award. “We look at this as another opportunity for us to give back to the community and to help with the growth of the future of agriculture.” They also give support to FFA chapters in local FMC communities.

Listen to my complete interview with Matt here:Interview with Matt Thompson - FMC

Find all our photos from the event here: 87th National FFA Conventions Photo

Coverage of the National FFA Convention is sponsored by
Coverage of the National FFA Convention is sponsored by FMC
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Weather Impacts on Corn Soybean Yield & Trading

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Kyle TapleyWith a session topic on how environmental constraints impact crop yield and trading you’d think this would take a long time. However, at the Bayer CropScience 2014 Corn and Soybean Future Forum Kyle Tapley, MDA Information Systems, got the job done in a short time frame.

The focus was on weather and Kyle made a few statements that caught my attention after receiving several press releases from activists who want to blame single weather incidents on man made climate change. Kyle told us that “It is impossible to tie a single event to climate change.” I couldn’t agree more. He says we’ve always had extreme weather and we always will. For many of us more seasoned folks we remember living through very different weather extremes going back 50 years.

Listen to Kyle’s remarks here to get some more specific take-aways on his topic: Kyle Tapley Presentation

2014 Bayer CropScience Corn & Soybean Future Forum Photos

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FFA – You are the Future

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ffa-14-89-editedAgriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke to FFA members in attendance for one of the opening sessions at the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo this morning. He speaks at many different venues, but said this audience is the hardest because he is following young people who are very well spoken, don’t use any notes and never skip a beat.

“This is the future of agriculture and that future is bright. Over 600,000 members in this organization in rural areas and urban. I think it is important for me to talk to the leadership, to hear their concerns about whether or not we are going to have enough educators to lead and guide chapters, whether we are going to continue to have the productivity in American and global agriculture that will meet the challenges of global food security, whether we can continue to do the job that we have been doing in partnership with FFA and other organizations to deal with the hunger issue in the United States.” Vilsack Remarks to FFA

Following the sessions Vilsack addressed members of the media. A few of the topics questioned include WOTUS and the potential idea floated for a new beef checkoff. Listen to the complete press conference here: Press Conference - Ag Secy Tom Vilsack

Find all our photos from the event here: 87th National FFA Conventions Photo

Coverage of the National FFA Convention is sponsored by
Coverage of the National FFA Convention is sponsored by FMC
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The Old Picnic Grounds

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IMG_8185Every place has a story. Where I live now, you can find graves in the pasture marked by just a single wooden post surrounded by a pile of rocks. It’s said there are actual dinosaur bones entrenched in one of the beaches of the lake. There’s a hill of chalk rock where generations of families, lovers and children have carved their names or initials.

And there’s an old “dugout” where four horse thieves (two men and two “fancy ladies”) used to hide out. It was on Michael Mousel’s land, my mother-in-law’s great-grandfather. He offered them a $25 gold piece and gold pocket watch for the claim on the land, went up to Stockville (the county seat) 27 miles on horseback – only to find out they were squatters and had never homesteaded the place. By the time he got back they were long-gone.

This past Sunday, we took a hay rack ride along the creek and up and over the hills by our house. But first, the group of 20 stopped at the old picnic grounds which has been there since the 1800s. Many a campfire has been built here and the tradition remains. Using a “Tractor House” magazine as kindle, the men lit the fire and we roasted hot dogs, had s’mores and enjoyed the falling leaves by the creek. We didn’t stay long enough to tell horse stories as dusk, but there’s always another night.

We ended the afternoon with the kids gathering turkey feathers and cow bones and eating Oreo cookies. What a great end to a wonderful day’s story.

Until we walk again …


Serbian Ag Journalists Celebrate Ten Years

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AgroPressOur friends in the Serbian Association of Agricultural Journalists, AGROPRESS, recently celebrated the organization’s 10th anniversary. That celebration included a tour that began in the Serbian village of Crepaja. The event opened at the modern farm FOTOS (Member of Almex Company) that has more than 300 heifer calves of the Holstein breed.

After a farm tour in Crepaja, the anniversary AGROPRESS awards event was held. The President of AGROPRESS, Goran Djakovic, addressed guests by saying that his organization over the past 10 years has hosted more than 100 tours and events, several significant programs and projects, some of which are best known for general public workshops for rural women entitled “Women Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness ” and a food and drinks fair, “Weekend of good taste”. Since 2008, the Association held the National Conference on “Agribusiness Serbia” and possibilities of improving our country’s agriculture, which brings a huge influx of money from exporting products.

You can see a list of award winners here.

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