Glow-in-the-dark Wine Labels But How’s The Wine

Chuck Zimmerman

Wine is made from grapes, the growing of which can be said to be agriculture, therefore, this is about agrimarketing.

I just saw this release about glow-in-the-dark wine labels and think it’s an interesting idea. It would add a nice visual aura to your wine cellar when the lights are out!


Find Out How To Make Your Town Boom

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s somebody who’s figured out how to use the internet to market himself. His name’s Jack Schultz and he’s the CEO of Agracel, Inc., which is an industrial development firm, specializing in the agurban market. To find out what an agurban market is you need to read his book, “BoomTown USA.”

Agribusiness, Internet, Publication

CAFTA Campaign Kicked Off

Chuck Zimmerman

I thought we’d be able to bring you information about yesterday’s CAFTA-DR press conference that included ag group representatives and Sec. of Ag Mike Johannes but we got too busy and weren’t on the call.

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