AgGateway Publishes ADAPT Standard 1.0

Cindy Zimmerman

Members of AgGateway at the Mid-Year Meeting in Iowa last week were excited about the recent publication of the ADAPT Standard 1.0, a data model designed for the business-to-business transfer of agricultural production data.

ADAPT stands for Ag Data Application Programming Toolkit and ADAPT Standard 1.0 is the successor to the AgGateway ADAPT Framework released in 2015 that served as a software plugin toolkit to read proprietary files. Unlike the earlier toolkit, the ADAPT Standard is data only and has no software dependencies.

Stuart Rhea, Endless Wonder Consulting, has been working on the standard with AgGateway. “We simplified that model and made it language agnostic,” said Rhea. “It’s a very exciting development because it will take the already global footprint of the ADAPT framework and make it available to even more people.”

AgGateway Chief Technology Officer Jim Wilson says the new standard sets them up for continued development. “We have an incredible set of tools, processes, production methods, ways to get developers the resources they need to get the job done in ways that make them most productive.”

Learn more about what the publication of ADAPT Standard 1.0 means and what the future could hold in these interviews from last week’s AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting.

Stuart Rhea, Endless Wonder Consulting 10:48

Jim Wilson, AgGateway 5:13

2024 AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting Photo Album

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