DPH Biologicals Launches Microbial Nutrient Enhancer

Cindy Zimmerman

DPH Biologicals has launched EnvelixTM Prime, a patented, biological nutrient enhancer designed to uniformly cover bulk dry fertilizer in a single application.

“Envelix Prime enables both retailers and growers to seamlessly unlock the value of biologicals on a broader scale,” said Mick Messman, DPH Bio President & CEO. “Just one pound of Envelix Prime evenly covers a ton of dry fertilizer, giving retailers a way to differentiate their fertilizer blends with biology while giving growers a single-purchase, single application route to enhanced performance and an increased return on their fertilizer investment.”

Envelix Prime is applied with dry fertilizer across broad acre fields.

Envelix Prime is DPH Bio’s first product to be powered by recently announced Prime™ technology to accelerate the germination of bacteria spores. In a recent corn trial, Prime enabled more than 70% of spores to germinate at temperatures as high as 98.6 degrees, while those without Prime germinated less than 10%.

“We are excited to get Envelix Prime out on the broad acre this fall enabling many growers the opportunity to experience the benefits of biologicals for the first time. This integrated approach requires no change in practice for the grower and, with the addition of Prime, we are confident that growers will consistently see the benefits this dynamic product unlocks both in the field and to their bottom line,” said Messman.

Envelix Prime is available now to retail partners and fertilizer blending facilities. For more information about DPH Bio’s technology platforms – RegenAphex™ and Prime, as well as DPH Bio’s expanded product portfolio, visit www.dphbio.com.

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