Send a News Release with AgNewsWire

Chuck Zimmerman

Did you know that we send news releases for you?

ZimmComm started our AgNewsWire service in 2005. We ensure that your message reaches a meaningful audience as detailed below. We haven’t ever changed our price. We can invoice you or use our online form to pay with credit card and then just email your release to us

So, here are some of the ways we can reach the most comprehensive list of ag media.

  • Sent to over 1,600 Subscribers
  • Reputable Industry Audience
  • 35% average open rate
  • Reach the right people that matter most
  • Ag Media, Communicators & Influencers
  • Supplement your existing Marketing strategy
  • We include your release in our weekly e-newsletter to the same list we send your release

We prefer receiving Word docs but can work with most formats. It helps to receive good quality images/logos and there are no limits on how many. The same goes for number of words. Once we receive your assets we create a “draft” for your approval and changes are no additional cost. We can also include a recorded interview of your spokesperson for an additional fee. After your release it published we can provide you with opens and clicks (waiting a week is best).

So, what are you waiting for? We can also provide you with discounts for any quantity of releases above 4 that you want to pre-order. Contact Chuck for any questions, any time.

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