2nd Celebration of Modern Ag is a Success

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More than 15,000 people visited the National Mall this past week for the second Celebration of Modern Agriculture spotlighting the Future of Food and Farming.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) partnered with member companies and ag organizations to hold the three-day event which featured combine harvesters, milking equipment, sprayers and planters, irrigation equipment, tractors big and small, as well as dozens of interactive and hands-on exhibits.

“In 2022 we really had the proof of concept when we had 15 equipment manufacturers and 21 ag groups,” said Nick Tindall, AEM senior director of regulatory affairs and ag policy. “This year, even more, with 25 equipment manufacturers and 31 ag groups, just to tell that story of how production agriculture is able to provide for a growing world while keeping environmental stewardship at heart.”

More than 80 pieces of equipment were displayed across the National Mall, including ground-breaking innovations such as self-propelled sprayers, robotic sensors, the next generation of alternative fuel tractors, an automated aerial crop protection system, and the world’s first fully automated soil laboratory.

Learn more in this interview:
AEM Ag on the Mall - Nick Tindall, AEM 3:29

2024 Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the Mall

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