Partnership to Help Farmers with Conservation Programs

Cindy Zimmerman

A new partnership has been formed between Taranis and Steward Link to help growers with program application and validation of implemented practices to better utilize USDA conservation programs.

Taranis is a global leader in AI-powered crop intelligence, and Steward Link was created by a former USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services employee to match up farmers with federal program opportunities. The Taranis-Steward Link partnership helps present a complete and comprehensive picture of what’s happening on a designated acreage, creating a higher quality and more complete program application.

Steward Link founder Nick Thomas says farmers often don’t know about all of the programs available. “We make it our job to know about every program and then to streamline the application process by taking on the practice alignment and paperwork burden,” Thomas says. “With 2024 being the first year, what we are seeing is a high-level of technology and practice adoption amongst Taranis customers. Technology and documentation position them well for many conservation opportunities. The technology has also helped us to open the door for new programs, and the applications we have been able to complete for Taranis customers have been extremely high-quality.”

“Our service aligns perfectly with USDA’s mission to promote conservation, while maximizing profitability for growers, and therefore we have an edge on obtaining funding from USDA programs for our growers,” Taranis CEO Opher Flohr said. “I believe this is just the start as USDA continues to add funding for precise application practices that are unlocked by technologies like Taranis, we will be vigilant to make sure our growers are first in line to receive those funds.”

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