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Precision Ag News 3/21

Carrie Muehling

  • The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) updated its guide assisting farmers, landowners, and others to easily locate and contact professional seed suppliers for quality environment, conservation, and cover crop seed. The interactive Environment, Conservation, and Cover Crop Seed Resource Guide helps buyers find dealers for specific seed types by geographic location to support production and sustainability goals.
  • Join the Nebraska Water Center and Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District on June 17 and 18 to get up close and personal with water and natural resources in southeast Nebraska.
  • UPL Corporation Ltd., a global provider of holistic and sustainable agricultural solutions, and Radicle Growth, a company-building platform investing in early-stage agriculture and food technologies, are delighted to announce SOLASTA Bio as the winner of ‘the Radicle Natural Plant Protection (NPP) Challenge by UPL’, securing a $1M investment, with the runner-up, Impetus Ag, receiving a $750,000 investment. The Challenge sought to identify entrepreneurs advancing natural and biological solutions and saw applications from 237 start-ups.
  • Solinftec, a global leader in artificial intelligence solutions and sustainable agricultural practices, has announced that its Solix Sprayer Robot is now commercially available to farmers, cooperatives and ag-retailers, and will be on farms around the country this month. In addition to Solinftec’s existing Solix Scouting Robot, the newer Solix Sprayer is designed to detect and spray weeds.
  • Biotalys, an Agricultural Technology company pioneering protein-based biocontrol solutions for sustainable crop protection, and Novonesis, a global leader in biosolutions, have unveiled a comprehensive, long-term collaboration agreement. This partnership encompasses the production, global supply, and certain commercialization rights of EVOCA NG, slated to be Biotalys’ inaugural margin-generating biofungicide.
  • Pioneer brand seed from Corteva Agriscience reaffirms its leadership in seed technology by advancing more than 60 new corn hybrids for 2024, offering farmers exceptional yield potential and industry-leading insect protection and herbicide-tolerant traits, where enabled. This year’s class expands the availability of Pioneer brand Vorceed Enlist corn and introduces PowerCore Enlist and PowerCore Ultra Enlist corn.
  • FloraPulse, the first easy-to-install water sensor that provides accurate and low-cost water-sensing technology, is enhancing the lives of farmers and researchers who want real-time data that will enable them to make the quick, accurate decisions that will benefit their crops.
  • Bayer announced the pilot of an expert GenAI system to benefit farmers and up-level agronomists in their daily work. The company has been using proprietary agronomic data to train a large language model (LLM) with years of internal data, insights from thousands of trials within its vast testing network, and centuries of aggregated experience from Bayer agronomists around the world.
  • ZeaKal announced the successful development of its groundbreaking PhotoSeed technology in corn, improving the crop’s oil and sustainability profile without compromising yield or protein. With the immediate implementation of PhotoSeed corn’s route to market, ZeaKal aims to redefine the value proposition of this vital crop for growers, industry, and consumers alike.
  • Mycorrhizal Applications LLC, a leading company that provides biological solutions for the horticulture industry, is excited to welcome three new team members to support its product development, research, trade events, and marketing.
  • Lavie Bio Ltd., a leading ag-biologicals company that develops microbiome-based, computational-driven bio-stimulant and bio-pesticide novel products and a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd., announced that Ceres Global Ag Corp., a global agricultural, energy and industrial products merchandising and supply chain company, has chosen Lavie Bio as a supplier in its sustainability programs with grain producers. Ceres will integrate Lavie Bio’s bio-inoculant, Yalos, into its regenerative agriculture initiatives across the USA and Canada.
  • CropX Technologies, a leading provider of digital farm management, announced an API integration with WiseConn, a global leader in precision drip irrigation solutions, to further improve data gathering and analytics for farmers worldwide. WiseConn users will be able to seamlessly incorporate the CropX system into their precision irrigation network. WiseConn irrigation systems are used throughout North and South America, Europe and Australia.
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