Huma® Acquires Gro-Power, Expands Team

Cindy Zimmerman

Agricultural humic solutions company Huma®, Inc. has acquired global granular fertilizer company Gro-Power, Inc., effective immediately. The acquisition comes as the result of a long term partnership with Huma® supplying high-quality humates for Gro-Power humus-based fertilizer and soil conditioner products.

In addition to Huma® Plant & Soil products encompassing liquid nutrients, plant protection and growth managers, the company now has the ownership rights to a suite of granular, humic-based fertilizers and soil conditioners. Such conditioners increase fertility by adding organic matter and beneficial microorganisms to the soil.

In addition, Huma® has made leadership appointments to bolster a growing regional company focus. Those appointments include:
Executive Vice President, Global Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Fred Nichols
Executive Vice President, Business Development Justin Smith
Midwest Sales Manager Cory Ritter
Director of Huma® Turf & Ornamental Michael Gardner

Through company-owned humate mining rights, along with a proprietary extraction and development process, Huma® provides groundbreaking technology to boost beneficial soil microbial activity, helping lead to premium crops, healthy soils and clean water. Micro Carbon Technology® is the foundational building block of Huma®, resulting in innovative biostimulant products that naturally increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve soil and plant health, and offer zero-residue crop protection against pests and diseases.

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