Women in Ag Tech Meet Up at VISION

Cindy Zimmerman

The fledgling Women in Ag Tech (WiAT) organization held its second in-person meeting ever prior to the opening of the VISION Conference in Glendale, Arizona this week. While the group of women meeting was a bit smaller than the first meeting last year at Tech Hub LIVE, they are mighty, brilliant, and filled with enthusiasm to grow the ag tech industry.

AgTech PR CEO Jennifer Goldston says the inspiration to start the group started just about a year ago. “We needed a way for us to come together to talk about technology, talk about how do we help each other to be more involved, and through career advancement, and how do we as women shape the future of technology in agriculture,” she said.

Goldston is one of several ambassadors for WiAT and she relishes her role in the industry helping ag tech companies tell their story. “There’s a lot of really complex science and technology out there,” said Goldston. “We want to make sure we’re helping to bring clarity and transparency so that farmers can make informed decisions.”

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Conference advisory board member and WiAT Ambassador Jennifer Goldston, CEO and Founder, AgTech PR
2024 VISION interview with Jennifer Goldston, AgTech PR 5:55

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