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AgGateway President’s Award Winners

Cindy Zimmerman

AgGateway president and CEO Brent Kemp presented the President’s Awards at the annual meeting this week to three members of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for their work.

Evan Wallace is an electronic engineer in the Systems Engineering Group and has been engaged with AgGateway since the days of the CART project when the Food Safety Modernization Act came out. He also helped rationalize the concepts of the ‘Traceable Resource Unit’ to help arrive at the forthcoming Traceability API. Additionally, he is involved in the emerging ‘Digital Product Passport’ which illustrates a product’s sustainability, environmental and recyclability attributes.
2023 AgGateway interview, Evan Wallace, NIST 2:48

Kemp also recognized Boonserm Kulvatunyou and Hakju Oh from the National Institute of Standards & Technology for outstanding leadership and innovation, resulting in cutting-edge tool development and deployment that advances semantic interoperability in the agriculture industry.

The two researchers led a ground-breaking activity to develop a new methodology and supporting tooling called “connectCenter” (formerly “Score”), which supports the ISO 15000 part 5 Core Component Specification. While the connectCenter addresses requirements across industries, they have responded to AgGateway requests to make connectCenter a more effective tool for the agriculture industry. AgGateway has used connectCenter to develop several resources, including the ADAPT Standard, Dataset Metadata, Scale Ticket, In-Field Product Id, and Product Catalog.

2023 AgGateway Annual Meeting Photo Album

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