GS Vortex Systems Launches Vortex Flow Amplifier

Cindy Zimmerman

GS Vortex Systems today announced the launch of their flagship product, the Vortex Flow Amplifier, solving fluid transportation cost and reliability challenges for agricultural irrigation systems and multiple flow-critical industries. The company will be showcasing its products at the 2023 Irrigation Show, November 28 – December 1, in San Antonio, TX.

The Vortex Flow Amplifier transforms fluid flow dynamics and efficiency using advanced duration flow rotation. This creates compelling advantages for simultaneous, multi-dimensional efficiency gains across operational areas, which are leading to rapid adoption in the irrigation industry and creating growing excitement in many other flow-reliant businesses.

“Though everyone has flow challenges,” said Avi Ghosh, co-founder and CEO of GS Vortex Systems, “no two systems or problems are quite alike. We designed Vortex devices to flexibly support customers by removing the widest range of pain points and delivering clear operating gains. We also made these easy to install and fully compatible with diverse irrigation systems and sizes, from drip lines to wheel lines (side-roll) and pivots. We want to surprise and delight customers with the lowest cost, highest reliability irrigation performance they’ve ever seen. This is desperately needed today. Once their most costly and time-consuming pain areas are permanently eliminated with Vortex and farmers can trust their irrigation again, they have the opportunity to use our technology for further system-wide cost reduction, productivity gains, yield security, and growth. All without the unnecessary expense of larger pumps and pipes. Farmers using Vortex flow better for less and never look back.”

The agriculture industry, in particular, needs cost-efficient fluid flow for sustainable operations. Unlike conventional solutions that resort to increased pumping energy or larger pipes to overcome flow drag, GS Vortex Systems re-analyzed pipe flow dynamics at their core to eliminate flow resistance. This advance offers unmatched levels of operational reliability and productivity enhancement for all systems. The Vortex Flow Amplifier is an outstanding and truly radical flow innovation.

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