Trump Visits Farmers in Iowa to Campaign

Cindy Zimmerman

Former President Donald Trump spent Sunday in Iowa talking to farmers about what his administration did for them and what he hopes to do for them in a second term.

From trade deals to WOTUS to ethanol, Trump touted his support of farmers during a speech in Ottumwa. “The American farmer is a big deal,” said Trump. “I will remain the champion of American farmers with four more years in the White House.”

Trump spent a lot of time criticizing the Biden administration push for electric vehicles. “When I’m back in the White House, I will save Iowa ethanol by repealing Joe Biden’s absolutely insane, job-killing, electric vehicle mandate on day one,” he said.

After his speech, Trump stopped at a nearby farm and signed a John Deere combine.

Donald Trump speech Ottumwa, Iowa 39:53

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